ZTE mobile phone MYOS 11.5 officially pushed

IT Home August 14th Message ZTE Mobile Announcement, MyOS 11.5 officially pushed, concentrating application set, floating notification, streamless screen, memory fusion … There are 200+ users experience optimization. Among them, ZTE AXON 30 PRO is pushed, and the remaining models are pushed.

中兴手机 MyOS 11.5 正式推送

MY desktop

The appearance of the desktop is determined by creativity and mood, applying icons, small components, folders with heart combination, personalized custom, color-valued perspective, reject mediocrity and thousands of articles.

中兴手机 MyOS 11.5 正式推送

Collective application set

Play to play, and breathe. The desktop folder color is magnitude, freely adjusting the folder, adapts to different desktop layouts, freely adjusting the backplane color and transparency, adapting to different style wallpapers.

Floating notice

中兴手机 MyOS 11.5 正式推送

It is thinking. There are a lot of small tasks in work life, set a floating reminder! When the desktop floats, you are careful, not afraid to miss, tap.

Memory integration

Myos 11.5 Memory Fusion Function, you can expand storage to memory usage, and further enhance the actual usage rate of memory through the AI ​​algorithm depth compression and dynamic exchange application.

中兴手机 MyOS 11.5 正式推送

IT House learned that this MyOS 11.5 update, ZTE Axon30 Pro adds 144 Hz display refresh rate support, more smooth than smooth!

中兴手机 MyOS 11.5 正式推送

Scene intelligent push

Myos 11.5 will push relevant functions and services based on scene intelligent.

中兴手机 MyOS 11.5 正式推送

Get up in the morning – Today’s weather, all day schedule preview; new day,

Morning travel – Harrow truck, card package, seamlessly connected transportation; scanning for breakfast, full scene service;

Lunch at noon – end the morning busy, some delicious takeaway

Your private butler is on the line ~

中兴手机 MyOS 11.5 正式推送

Mobile phone seconds smart card package

Myos 11.5, mobile phone seconds smart card package, support non-encryption card simulation, encryption card analog card number, open blank card, no longer need to carry multiple entity cards!