Yun Shang T Xi Xiu wonderful continuation Danny bear 2021 winter new order will be successfully closed

On April 13, Yun Shang Wuhan International Fashion Center Tiancou Tsai Dado continued.

With the starry stage light, wear the little model of Danny Bear 2021 Winter, stepped on the Terrace. Chiffon sweater skirt, cotton coat, down jacket, stockings, small boots …. hundred new products, through the intersection of smart and lively children’s model, not only nearly two hundred orders of the province show a unique fashion festival It is also a selection of autumn and winter fashion in different styles for Chinese children.

Dan Niens Heart shared a variety of ways of dressing in winter dress: “Cotton down jacket + sweater + vest dress, give people a lazy simple; cotton down jacket + sweater + gauze big swing skirt, Ability to show the elegance, the quiet gas field; cotton down jacket + warm sweater + bottoming gap, will give children cool and beautiful feelings. “

云尚T台秀精彩继续 丹尼熊2021冬季新品订货会圆满收官

Currently, China’s family consumption has been upgraded, gives children’s wear, especially girls’ costumes, more development opportunities. At the moment, cultural development and aesthetic development, focus on cultivating children’s diversified development, also become the focus of parents. Children’s wear is more than just about comfort, but also become a carrier that is shaped by children. In order to reflect the local culture of Chinese children, the international fashion and aesthetics, Danny bear combined with children, the true, lively personality, emphasizing the rich and casuality of the single product in style design, providing a group While professional costumes, it also left the customer’s resend space for customers.

Another big highlight of this conference is the implementation of the “That is, the order” mode of the dynamic show + static display. Fashion design, exquisite craftsmanship, rich product lines and efficient order sessions have been unanimously recognized, and there are plans to place, praise!

云尚T台秀精彩继续 丹尼熊2021冬季新品订货会圆满收官

As the support unit of this winter children’s clothing new product, the relevant person in charge of Yun Shangwu International Fashion Center said: “Yun Shang is a combined and stylish landmark of Huazhong, the service industry, and will continue to introduce more fashion show. New product launches, order meeting, live events, etc., for enterprises with live, fashion, trade, brand and other multiple empowerment, and help traditional business transformation and upgrading.