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In the early morning of March 2, Yang Tianzhen’s boss took a photo with Fan Bingbai, and it was written: “I have to add vegetables after a meal, I still have to drink music, still eat the staple food, really uppercase.”

Who is Yang Tianzhen?

The first side is that the fat woman does not move by netizens.

穿着大码女装的杨天真 乘风破浪 | 艾问人物

The other side is that the strong people who have cut off half of the stomach are founded to be a heart entertainment. The achievements can be said that people are well known: to create a “Fan Youth of Fan Bing”, holding red Luhan, Zhang Yuxi, Ma Sch, Li Xin, etc. A large wave of phenomenon of the stars, claiming to master half an entertainment.

She is 85, just 36 years ago.

Legendary female broker to create the myth of the entertainment circle

Let’s take a look at her life experience that she is closely hanging and full of twists and turns:

The high school period was excellent in performance, and Yang Tianzhen, 17-year-old, became the Chairman of the Nanchang Xue, and got a quota of the Northern University. She has learned the score, the top of the organism, which is very leading the style, so she is hoped by the principal, I hope she will be from the government.

Get the quota of the Peking University, which makes a high school student.

The same age has been opened very far. Yang Tianzhen is also looking forward to the day of college. However, never thought of the issue of the issue, and finally with the disappearance of the North. But fate has not taken this. Under the misunderstanding, Yang Tianzhen turned into the director department of the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, which is today’s China Communication University.

In 2002, he began to study the director’s professional, and the chairman of the Student Asstenda of the School of Film and Television Art. Subsequently, he served as the head of the “Drama Night”, and won the best party award in the school art festival.

Yang Tianzhen’s business mind reflects early. 19 years old, she made a director in a real estate, and I bought a small opening between the intuition. This money is a parents to study her for her. Three years later, 180,000 directly changed by 500,000, she transferred to sell, the loan won the two sets, and today the value rose to 100 times.

In 2005, she entered orange and entertainment, gradually emerged.

, The propaganda of actors such as Song Jia, Song Jia, Xia Yu, Zuo Xiaoyai and other actors.

In 2008, enter Fan Bingbing Studio, served as publicity director, deputy general manager of the studio.

In 2014, with the partners Lu Wei, Chen Jie, Chen Jiaying founded the heart entertainment, the company’s contracting artists include: Zhang Yuxi, Zhu Yawen, Ma Yi, Zhao Youting, Luhan, Zhang Yixing, Li Xin, Bai Yu, Chen Di, Spring and Summer, Song Jia, etc.

In 2017, found a new factory brand 壹 壹 broker company, and create a newcomer broker training model.

She is a broker, she has brought the keen sense of smelling and super strong marketing skills to the industry, and they are good at discovering the hidden seeds. Soon, Yang Tianzhen will hold Luhan, who hasn’t returned to the country, to the top flow, put Ouyang Na, “Genius Girl”, build Chen Xi into the Royal Sister, and put Zhang Yuxi to dare to dare to hate the big woman.

However, she is one of the most famous records, still calving the gossip of Fan Bingbing with a part of them.

In 2010, Fan Bing’s public image is not good: outside the beautiful appearance, the gossip and hype, the acting is often sprayed, and the martial arts played in the movie “mobile phone” is very similar. At that time, the situation was like this: 65-year-old Wang Xueqi and Fan Bingbing continued to cooperate with “Wheat Field”, “Octuary”, “Rizhao Chongqing”, “Zhao’s Orphan”, but not very accurate:

There is a passion play in the film, and there is a propaganda in the film.

In addition, Wang Xueqi has also raised divorce. Some of the remarks of Fan Bingbing also triggered the title party controversy, and the gossip was open, and it was not far from half a year. The public opinion environment is extremely disadvantageous to Fan Bingbing’s business development.

Subsequently, Fan Bingbing and Wang Xueqi participated in the publicity activities of “Zhao’s Orphans”, and there was a photographer to capture a “holding hands” and instantly boarded a lot of newspapers. soon,

The next day, the birth of explosion was born: “The famous manifest Fan Bingbing is” small three “forced the king to learn to divorce.

Don’t say that it is Fan Bing, any star I don’t want to have this moment of being suspicious. When the situation is very hot,

穿着大码女装的杨天真 乘风破浪 | 艾问人物

Yang Tianzhen quickly responded, a “Fan Bingbing Propaganda Director Open Letter: Write to all people who pay attention to Fan Bingbing” was sacrificed, and public opinion was calm.

The article is clear, emotionally embarrassed, but the audience is sighing, and even the media peers who have grasped the right to entertain the entertainment circle are transferred to the camp, and they are supported by Fan Bingbing. The two stars come out, public clarification, and completely calm the gossip. Fan Bingbing won a good image of “Has been alert to the Shu”.

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The chairman Yang Tianzhen and her article have also become a myth in the history of the entertainment circle.

It is obviously a broker, and her topic is higher than the star.

Pursuit of transformation to greet new life and challenges

However, the agent of the broker is not a smooth water. The famous gas is getting higher and higher, and the desire is getting bigger and bigger. A young man is rushing forward, and the preparation is constantly being filled on the beach.

When more young people flooded into the broker industry, Yang Tianzhen, which is super-strong, feels that they are losing the advantage, and even the progress space is squeezed to the limit. Her feel is right. I have experienced a boy who is confused, and the strength of the actors become marketing coffee. The company turmoil is a festival. Yang Tianzhen decisively announced a single flight of secondary entrepreneurship.

Many people are in curiosity, and Yang Tianzhen who doesn’t make a broker. After all, the Queen who once created myth has said:

“Once the agent is dry, it is a lifetime.” I have left this line, what can she do? “

Yang Tianzhen made a big mistake. She has already taken the master’s degree in Peking University, and I will go to class at the weekend. And, after graduating from Peking University, she also plans to launch a challenge to the next degree.

穿着大码女装的杨天真 乘风破浪 | 艾问人物

where? Harvard!

This exposure, eating melon netizens smiled: a broker does not self-considering the Harvard, it is full. Yang Tianzhen directly returned: Where can I laugh, I am a famous school!

She said that she has already got a master’s degree in Peking University and persuaded that some people should not waste time on others, not as good as spending more time to value the value. This wave is so beautiful! Yang Tianzhen, which is deeply versed in the language logic, completely does not fall in the lip sword in the tongue lip sword.

However, she didn’t have a bad. In the days to fight with netizens, she also looked into the business opportunity.

穿着大码女装的杨天真 乘风破浪 | 艾问人物

Yang Tianzhen is hard to buy the right women’s clothing, and even the white eyes disliked by the clerk: “Sorry, there is no number here”. She is very unhappy every time I encounter this kind of thing. I think that I will buy the old lady and tell the clerk: “Sorry, no store.”

Of course, Yang Tianzhen’s pattern will not really be so low, a sentence in netizens “Don’t be a broker Huo Hui people, it is better to consider the big size women’s clothing” “reminded, she realized the opportunity, preparing for transformation. No code? I Do my own code.

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穿着大码女装的杨天真 乘风破浪 | 艾问人物

Yang Tianzhen is such a thunderous person, and it will do it directly after the goal.

The large size women’s brand PLUSMALL quickly launched, the slogan “body weight, can’t stop me from love to love myself” hangs on the street street. She took the brand in the market.

In order to promote, Yang boss makes it out, not only dare to do, but also dare to wear! Women’s Dance, splitting, etc., even, in order to show the choice, she took directly to the table when they played the goods.

穿着大码女装的杨天真 乘风破浪 | 艾问人物

Netizens can’t help but exclaim: “The confident woman is charming!”

The “Women’s Internet Insight” is shown in January 2019, the total size of the mobile Internet female population is 531 million, 6.7% year-on-year, of which 80,90 female bases is large, 2.215 million and 16.6 billion, respectively. .

The report is told our number of female Internet users, and also conveys a hidden message, which is the female 80,90 of the Internet main army, and is also in the most vivid end of the workplace. After most of 80 and 90, they were active on the Internet public opinion, and they were the first audience of all kinds of webcasts, and the network drama. More roles of keyboard, licking dogs, and passing netizens. Yang Tianzhen immediately stood on the top of the workplace and became the protagonist of the network agenda.

In July 2020, Yang Tianzhen took Plusmall for the first live broadcast, and also founded Fu Jue. The live broadcast time is 5 hours, and the single turnover is 7.36 million, and the large size women’s pre-sale exceed 3,000 pieces. In just 8 months, the store fans soared to more than 300,000, and sales are also extremely considerable.

Obviously, Yang Tianzhen focused on the big size women’s pace, once again. Large size women’s clothing, as if emit her consistent temperament:

“I really like myself, so I don’t care if you don’t like me.”

The body is fat, I can’t buy the right women’s clothing, and even someone say “you are so fat, why wear it”. In the face of negative, she still dares to wash the head, does not make up, even the PO is cheap. Her attention is always on themselves.

“Please regard himself as the protagonist of this play. Others are just your guests. It is the responsibility of your acting. Don’t let a passenger armor, let your ace.”

Such confidence makes her more dazzling than countless light and bright people.

I know the world, and I have died in the world.

When making a broker, she didn’t want to take the artist’s focus under the spotlight, deliberately hidden; after resigning the position, she finally could do what I want to do. Yang Tianzhen after “retirement”, before going to the stage after the scene, life seems to be more colorful.

穿着大码女装的杨天真 乘风破浪 | 艾问人物

“If a person wants to do, things that are good at doing can be unified, he will be very happy.”

As if it is confirming his own, she is now in the offshift show, and in the “Qi Qi”, I have given the young people’s workplace, and the live trap is exposed in the “heart-moving offer2” …

She is still the style of the wind, self-confidence, optimism. Compared to the entertainment circle, it is auspeted in the entertainment circle, and I may be more suitable for her.

In fact, “Tianzhen” is not her name. The original name is Yang Siwei.

穿着大码女装的杨天真 乘风破浪 | 艾问人物

She said that the meaning of “Tianzhen” is: always respect the inner thoughts, use this to fight the world.

Note, remember this sentence “respect inner” – whether it works or life, this is the criterion she has been pursued.

穿着大码女装的杨天真 乘风破浪 | 艾问人物

This day is really not true, she has done a different explanation:

“There is a rich friend in the first two days, I have to introduce him to me, saying that she is cute, I hope I have signed. I really think that he didn’t understand what is innocent. So I replied, and not Talking about her beautiful and verse, then I will introduce it, I will not sign.

He is very confused, I feel that he is doing your back book, I am willing to pay, why not willing.

I said, because of such a girl, the girl who is willing to with you is taking shortcut.

穿着大码女装的杨天真 乘风破浪 | 艾问人物

People who like to take shortcuts cannot be red in this line.

Midway, they will be subject to a lot of temptations and interference, they have been to more relaxed life.

He is very angry, he feels that I misunderstood his love.

I said, if this is love, let her live their own life, not your life.

I don’t experience a good time, how can I get a plum? I have to come to the effort, and how much is spent.

“IASK-MEDIA.com” seems, [2021 Global Founder Conference • Female Power Plan] The list of people Yang Tianzhen really actively, the words and logic are excellent, however, she is in front of the media In the show, it is like the defense of the wonderful, everything, each question can be used as a topic, from the perspective of the side, to persuade the audience to reverse public opinion.

She once said that the agent of the broker has never been a pool in a city, but a lifetime.

This is very in line with her context. To achieve self-value, then you need to find your own position in the world, the hurricane bloody, all the way. Many people evaluate her: “She knows, but it is still so true.”