Which attendance machine is used in the factory?

Recently, many customers are asking, manufacturing factories, enterprises, companies, using fingerprint card, or induction card attendance machine? Is it easy to identify the attendance machine? Which attendance machine is used in the general plant installation? For this problem, all Emperience will make a detailed description of the function and advantages of the fingerprint punching machine and induction IC card, and the face recognition of the termination machine.

The induction card attendance machine is a radio non-contact attendance machine induced by the principle of the coil magnetic field. The distance between the radio frequency sensing is different from the material of the card. The distance between the ID card induction card. The distance between the IC card induction card Attendance is around 5-6 cm. The ID card sense card attendance machine is less than 0.2 seconds, and the IC card sense card Attendance is less than 1 second.

Inductive IC Card Attendance

The fingerprint taper is to record attendance time data by fingerprint recognition technology, registered person fingerprint information. Fingerprint punching machine seems to be more precisely in the case of the card attendance machine, actually is almost almost. The sensing recognition speed of the fingerprint card is 1.5-2 seconds.

Fingerprint attendance machine

Now, from a few times, compare the induction card attendance machine and fingerprint card machine, see where their strengths are:

First, analyze from the identification sensing speed

The ID card sensing card attendance machine is less than 0.2 seconds, and the sensing speed of the fingerprint punch machine is 1-1.4 seconds, it is obvious that the induction card attendance machine is much faster than the fingerprint card. Therefore, if it is a factory company company (for example, there are about 10,000 people), we recommend that it is better to use the induction card attendance machine, because the credit card is faster, avoiding the staff of the employee to play card. Of course, if the company can use the fingerprint attendance machine, it is only slower, but the number of fingerprint card is added, which is completely solved.

Second, analyze from the material identified

The IC card induction card attendance is a non-contact attendance machine induced by a magnetic field, and the fingerprint tacker is induced by finger contacting optical lenses. Non-contact to the wear of the attendance machine is small, the contact type is larger than the wear of the attendance machine. These two different ways determine that the service life of the induction card attendance machine and fingerprint attendance machine is different. From many customers, the service life of the induction Kutou is longer than the life of the fingerprint attendance machine. But how long is the specific service life of each attendance machine, which is not fully determined.


Third, from the standardization of the workshield system analysis

The induction card attendance machine is passed through the card. For the attendance machine, it is just reading the card number, records the time date of the card, and cannot identify who is using this card, it is not worth it at all. Therefore, the induction card attendance can not avoid replacement of card credit card.

The fingerprint tacker is to record the time date and data by identifying the fingerprint information. Everyone knows that each person’s fingerprint line is unique, just like there are no two exact leaves in the world. Because of this feature, each of the people can only make their fingerprints, can not replace someone tarate. So the fingerprint card can avoid people to replace the card.

Fourth, from the price analysis

The price of the induction card attendance machine and fingerprint attendance is a very sensitive topic. According to the normal, the price of the fingerprint attendance is more expensive than the price of the induction card, but this is not complete, absolute.

Let’s take a Chinese voice test machine and fingerprint attendance machine.


1, QET-2009 Chinese voice attendance machine, attendance, access control, canteen dining function, swipe, speech broadcast employee name, can register 10,000 cards and personnel, record capacity is 58,000, there is RS232, RS485, TCP / IP communication method , Back backing power supply, etc.

2, QET-480 fingerprint attendance machine, doing attendance, 15,000 fingerprints, record capacity is 30000-50000, with USB, U line, RS232 / 485 communication method.

From the above functions, we know that the price of the full Yitong Chinese voice test machine is expensive than the price of the fingerprint attendance machine. One sentence, function determines the price. Therefore, sometimes, the price of the IC card Attendance may be more expensive than the price of the fingerprint attendance machine.

Which attendance machine is used in the general plant installation? Then, for the manufacturing plant, enterprise, company, choose a fingerprint card, or induce the card attendance machine? In fact, the key is to see the nature and specific situation of customer enterprises. If the customer is a hardware factory, a furniture factory, a mold factory, a chemical plant, a circuit board factory, a textile factory, a cosmetics plant, a printing plant, etc., the opponent is relatively large, and the finger variation is more serious, or it is recommended to use inductive IC card attendance machine. Because of the case of all Yitong customers, more than 80% of the hardware factories, Furniture Factory, Mold Factory, Chemical Plant, Circuit Plate Factory, Textile Factory, Cosmetics Factory, Printing Factory, Plastic Factory, Crafts Factory, Machinery Factory Also use the inductive IC Carting Machine.


Face recognition attendance machine

The following is a comparison of face recognition attendance machines and fingerprint card:

The face recognition attendance machine combines RF and optical sensing technology and digital imaging techniques. While using fingerprints or induct card card, automatically capture the image information of employees and records, can be viewed through the background management software, compares each The person image recorded by the pen is effectively eliminated the inspection of the card in the attendance. It is because of this feature, the face recognition of the attendance machine has both a fingerprint attendant, and has the advantages of inducting the attendance machine. The face recognition of the attendance machine has the following advantages compared to the fingerprint attendance:


◆ <> High reliability, it is not easy to damage, not affected by the environment, staff factors.

Since the fingerprint attendance machine has high requirements for the skin of the environment and attendance personnel, when the air is dry, the skin is dirty, the molty, etc. cannot be identified, and the read head is easily worn. These reasons make the attendance life short life and high maintenance cost. The face recognition attendance machine is the recognition of avatar information, and is not affected by the environment and the factors.

◆ <> Easy to operate, simple installation, fast attendance, and impact.

The fingerprint attendance machine needs to pre-deposit the staff’s fingerprint information library to perform attendance, when people change, but also update the fingerprint information library. The operation is very troublesome, the face recognition attendance machine does not need to enter any information, ready to use. The face recognition attendance machine uses “U disk” to identify the attendance machine to the face, thus achieving free line. Due to radio frequency sensing, do not need real-time comparison, the attendance speed is more.


◆ <> does not have legal dispute disputes

Since the fingerprint attendance is required to advance in the staff’s fingerprint information library, the fingerprint information involves personal privacy, and the company has no right to force fingerprint information for employees. Face recognition attendance machine built-in camera can make a photo archive while the credit card, so that the generation card is invisible. Fast, credit card + take pictures in 1 second. Ultra-large memory. That is, it is too much. Does not involve personal privacy.


◆ <> High cost performance, excellent performance

The face recognition attendance machine uses a built-in camera and chip to make its performance more excellent. Although the price is more than a point of fingerprint attendance, its performance is not ignored.


★ Summary:

Of course, each company and user is not the same, we can’t say that the face recognition attendance is better than the fingerprint attendance machine, and now the user is using the most or fingerprint attendance machine and induction card attendance machine. Face recognition attendance machine and fingerprint attendance have their advantages. User needs are the key, only choose the right, no matter whether it is expensive, only suitable, it is the best, this customer can buy the product’s guidelines.

EHR Human Resource Management System

Manufacturing factory companies, while choosing attendance machines, pay attention to the quality and function of the attendance system. With a performance-stable attendance machine, you can add color for attendance, but if you use an attendance system software that is not applicable, HR attendance work is also difficult.

However, many manufacturing plants, enterprises, company HR have begun to pay more attention to the importance of intelligent office systems and experiences, and they pay more attention to the influential and pricing personnel attendance system, as well as the EHR human resource management system. Professional applicable All Yi Tong HR attendance system is the capital they realize their self-value, and they are also a bridge that they lead to success.

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