Kong Xueer “bursting stage” Reuters, shoulder cheongsam wear a hanging skirt effect, the body can not be ignored

If you want to select the hot words of these two years, the “national trend” is a well-deserved rival first, and the tide brand costumes with Chinese characteristics, highlighting the new fashion attitude of young people, not just pursue a big name. For girls, the improvement cheongsam has both a fashion and classical charm, and has become a must-have single product, whether it is in the stage, it is a different style.

The novelty of the improvement cheongsam is that the shape of the traditional cheongsam is broken, and it is integrated into the fashion elements, and the stylish personality is not lost. Kong Xueer’s “burst stage” road photo, I dressed in hipster personalized improvement cheongsam, and the design of the shoulder was hard to put the cheongsam out the effect of the suspended skirt. The cheongsam outlined the curve of the body, and the youth is full of youth. The girl’s breath, not old.


Clear Cheongsam Model Analysis

Compared to traditional cheongsam elevated temperament, the improved cheongsam is more booted, Kong Xueer’s improvement cheongsam, the cut-off design is very bold, and the design of the silend of the sling adds unlimited sexy charm, and cheongsam The beautiful curve is not reduced, short placed with the onk design showing a pair of charming big long legs, adding a sexy and delicate girl.

How to choose and match the improvement cheongsam?


Tip 1: Light and bright color

The classical cheongsam color is relatively nostalgic, giving people a taste of the old time, and the improved cheongsam is more pursuit of a fashion, especially for the girl, nostalgic color is easy to be old. The colorful and bright color is the most intuitive visual impact. It is more young, like Kong Xueer’s cheongsam, blue white is refreshing, plus Yingrun’s pearl pendant, the light is more bright moving.


Tips 2: Stylish Tailor

Personality cutting design subverts the traditional cheongsam model, highlighting personality, can also enlarge the strengths, Kong Xueer’s hiking is simply, the design showing the charming clavicle and chest style, Sexy eye-catching, traditional cheongsam colles only play a decorative effect. The chance of the cheongsam is very simple, and it is also more like a curve. It is the same as the effect of the beautiful legs.


Tips 3: Stylish elements

The addition of trendy elements can not only make cheongsam look more fashionable, but also add a sense of modeling. Kong Xueer’s cheongsam is very bright, the beads of the waist is more gorgeous, the three-dimensional and exquisite, the hem of the cheongsam is also a pearl’s sage, and the operation is more integrity and pretty. This improvement of the cheongsam is especially suitable for the stage, fashionable elements reflect the gorgeous gloss, noble and bright.

Skills four: fashionable bright makeup

The improvement of the cheongsam is Yantu Yantu, Kong Xueer with a long wavy shawl, showing a large woman’s style and charming, embellant a velvet flower, more old Shanghai famous Fan. On the makeup, Kong Xueer’s exquisite facial features are already bright enough, plus retro eye shadows, bright red lips, add more expensive temperament, décor, and echo on cheongsam and sling, overall shape Very harmonious.


Fashion summary

Improved cheongsam and classical cheongsam are two faces of cheongsam, one to the left, one to right, each charm. Classical cheongsam depose the beauty of the years, elegant and gentle, showing the charm of the Oriental women, the improvement of the cheongsam, full of unlimited imagination and development space, different style women, can find the right thing A cheongsam.


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