Bread service hopeless situation, this year’s popular “quilted jacket”, was thin and warm, the influx of people love

After a winter to believe that every little wardrobe among partners and ultimately, a warm jacket and practical. In recent years, the new jacket styles, from the appearance of the fabric to have a lot of changes, people are spoiled for choice, for example, the first two years of ultra-popular bread down jacket.


Down bread is good, but the only drawback is significantly overstaffed, but this is not a design called quilted down jacket was thin jacket.

Warm thin fabric, there are a variety of options on the style, the key is to wear no way was bloated, let us take a look quilted down jacket with it.

First, quilted down jacket with a long section

• White quilted down jacket and long sections

The white color of the small square quilted down jacket, checkered from the point of view, is more delicate than other large squares designed some of the down jacket. It uses oversize design style, which take the choice on a black hooded sweater plus backing, this three-match also did not significantly overstaffed. Matsushita to bear on the use of style, a sense of avoiding cumbersome bureaucratic, more light was thin after the upper body.

Diamond checkered white down jacket with them, with a black skirt and loafers, the exposed skin with a knee bar, avoiding too dreary style, giving a fresh and atmospheric feel. With a small area of ​​exposed skin in autumn and winter wear, although it may not be too warm, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, more light can be casual.

Vertical rectangular grid pattern quilted down jacket, visually played a stature to the longitudinal direction of the effect of stretching, minimalist style of the atmosphere, everyday with them will not feel too complicated. Take the red knit cardigan and a black and white checkered skirt, fresh and Arts, outfit for the girl brought a sense of style.

• earth-colored quilted down jacket and long sections

Warm colors and earth tones quilted down jacket, there will be a sense of warm sun after winter wear body, retro and trendy. This profile of the down jacket coat biggest drawback is easily noticeable fat, so we try to choose light of downloading to match, layering prominent both inside and outside.

Select the lower body skirt or knee boots, the proportion of body can be extraordinarily advantageous. Ride in the choice of the upper body, try to choose Slim thin shirt, so as to avoid too bloated.

• long black quilted down jacket


This basic style of long black quilted down jacket, simple style atmosphere, very good match, with a gray sweater and skinny jeans, appeared to be mature atmosphere, whether commuting or out shopping, this one is very fit.


Second, quilted down jacket with a short paragraph


• White quilted down jacket + black skirt

Black and white simple atmosphere, there is a sense of collision contrast visually, this model can not only look clean and fresh in the visual, the same can achieve significantly high color slim effect. Black skirt and high waist designed black loafers, with the color mix, visually makes the lower body, especially the superior body proportions, naturally there was thin effect.

White down jacket with a short paragraph style aspects of quilting there are many programs, you can also try the leg trousers corduroy fabrics to match. This style is more retro casual trousers, flat feet, then stepped on a pair of shoes, more natural pure, little sister too had a sense of the theatrical.

• Army boots green quilted down jacket +

Army green is a bias towards neutral style colors, used in the down jacket a lot. Army green jacket with a capable handsome style plus a cute doll collar shirt, put on the body especially girls sense.


• Gray quilted down jacket + snow boots

Snow boots and jackets this winter wear, especially in combination with a sense of atmosphere, this dense stitch design reduces the fluffy down jacket, even more capable then put on the body.


• Black quilted down jacket + black straight jeans

The bloggers were wearing this blogger who was wearing this quilted jacket, quilted little squares intensive, coupled with the short version neat, and did not seem excessively bureaucratic, coupled with the thin straight jeans, the perfect balance between grace and temperature.


Winter essential “quilted jacket”, with warm good, there’s a style you like, whether you want to try it?


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