Those years of tuition, I used 25 models of small commuter backpack

In the military class sales, selling clothes is the best addition to the backpack. After carrying out a military bag, both good-looking and easy to use, high force grid. Like the kind of wave packets with rivets, with cross knife or computer bag, back out their blush. However, many types of backpacks, various positioning is different.


The author used their own elected in paragraph 17 of the backpack, brief case and my personal experience, for everyone to be a reference. 30L backpack basically selected the following positioning daily commute.

1.COMBAT2000 A3 backpack


A3 This bag brand manufacturers have done a lot, not only domestic, but also many foreign countries. Strictly speaking, this package is more than 40 liters of capacity is not suitable for commuting, but a few years before the beginning of the century and there is not much good choice. However, this package is very can hold, I once contained three 14-inch notebook, it has also been set at that time the fate of the RRV + back bag and loaded into a dog.

2. Hump backpack HAWG


This package can be described as one of two backpacks generation of the classic, it is still the most suitable military fans commuting, as well as the aura of seals used. 22 l capacity together with the bag body a sufficient thickness, it can be installed, together with the length of the fastener more than 2/3, installed larger items, such as what the camera is very convenient. Divided sub compartment is a classic, detailed classification is now a lot of role models backpack bag compartment. The disadvantage is filled, then there are some like carrying a long time, and some fatigued. And there is no hard back, center back will be in use when the back, uncomfortable, needs its own with a backplane.


HAWG There are many generations, the author of the most recommended or older late model, 500D fabric lighter, pack MOLLE webbing on both sides of the body as well, what can hang a kettle package.

3. hump Linchpin backpack

Most well-known military small backpack, carrying a very simple, basic is the two shoulder straps plus a chest strap up again a stable waist belt, was dubbed army military fans pack no bear. In fact, because these soldiers to the military package is used, generally small and medium sized backpack soldiers in combat use, but will be wearing body armor. When wearing body armor, carrying even the best are difficult to play a role, and in order to save costs, so the small army bag, it is difficult to see the complex structure bear.


Linchpin is I come into contact with the first package carrying military, back length adjustment, adjustment strap, adjust the focus, chest straps are adjusted, that is, no girdle. Linchpin is enlarged One hump HAWG, many on both sides of the ear bag, Linchpin no one outside MOLLE webbing, but the beginning of the design is to carry the station design, is a pure military package from the overall structural point of view.

Linchpin capacity of 30 liters, inherited HAWG can be installed, filled with good characteristics, and the use of the structure carrying the mysterious ranch, just get it back very happy, believe they have found his backpack for, but not found by the month suit myself.

First of all some big backpack for me, I generally is urban commuting, in addition to micro-single and not much stuff that needs to bear the time is not long, basically go out driving. So large and complex body bag had become my burden to bear, increasing the volume and weight. Occasional day trips capacity’d fit, but because there is no load-bearing girdle, or weight all the pressure in the waist, the day or uncomfortable. If the positioning backpack 30 liters or more prolonged outdoor use, there are still a good girdle.

4.First Spear ECP backpack


I am probably the first domestic buy FS ECP backpack, this package features two, one is expensive, is a true show appearance. This package sizes very suitable for commuting, lightweight breathable strap is quite distinctive, shoulders back can be diagonal. There is a net bag between the main cabin and vice bags, clothes can put the helmet. The main disadvantage is the thickness of the package is not enough, an enlarged volume of the same article, the outside of the main chamber is substantially waste pocket. Vice-cabin side open pocket for the magazine and put the rope design, not suitable for commuting, and put too many things after the fall does not look good.

Also this package is not backplane, carrying uncomfortable to the backing plate 20 with a knife. Later, FS on the basis of ECP out of a commuter version, adds kettle bag, mixed colors look very good, but I have no interest.

5. Backpack Tactical monkey Adapt

I seriously recommend this package, and HAWG as very suitable for commuting, but smaller than some of HAWG, show some of the more shape. Package body thickness, a large opening, A7M2 + 35 can be easily given a single micro into them. Vice-cabin side open, pulled off the side of the chest strap just opened, vice cabin with no partitions, but the piece of Velcro, Velcro can organize themselves with a few boards. MOLLE webbing on both sides of the package may be added to the kettle debris bag.

HAWG carry disadvantages and simple as, but not back up to the author this time of twelve hours is appropriate. So election package must locate their own needs. There is also need to better themselves with a backplane with.

6. 22L backpack Tiger Tower

Said 22L, a large actual capacity, far more than HAWG. Main cabin full, easy to pick up, mostly deputy cabin features, how much can be fragmented into them, twice a kettle bags very convenient, a lot of details to consider. May play a supporting role in the girdle, the back cushion is very thick. More suitable for backpacking, such as students, and a short play.

What shortcomings, law-abiding, no features.


7. The folding backpack 6L the Taft


This is a very unique package folding backpack, simple structure, light weight. When suitable for tourism belt, still in the box does not occupy much space, to come up with something to the back of the hotel needs you can go out and play. The disadvantage is that because there is no backing plate is not folded, the top will be back. My method is to put a IPAD or aluminum mouse pad on the inside, it will be much better.

8. rhino Antero backpack

This package is very beautiful, but by no means the capacity of 24 liters, there must be 30 liters. What good are all open U-put, ramps on both sides of the opening kettle package also can hold. Oblique kettle package without using telescopic tighten but to extend the ramp open, goods also not easy to swap, and put a key Ye Hao to take. Package has a top compartment glasses, piecemeal release point is also very convenient. Bear relatively simple, but there is a good grounding in the rhino, it was quite comfortable, especially the lumbar support to the force.

The disadvantage is 1000D test of Rani Long I do not like, too heavy, and there is no girdle, but there girdle interface extension, we need to monogamous. Supporting girdle also quite to the edge, the shoulder can effectively share the burden.

9.LBT 8000A backpack


This package is very show, I own three sand camouflage. Bear simple structure is simple, just a shoulder strap and chest strap. Generous package body, a large opening can be installed installed. For short commutes, not suitable for prolonged outdoor activities. For shopping is very eye-catching. But equally there is no hard backplane.

10.HSGI MP24

Nothing to say, the package body is thin, the notebook back for office workers crowded subway, reducing the chances scolded.



Force your package, not ugly. Outside of the mesh bag can be removed. TYR uphold the metamorphosis of workmanship, process very well. But the package body is thin, can not pretend to be something, great weight. Simply because SFLCS of D-MAP so close a, NSN 8465-01-632-9644.

12, SDS Engage backpack


This package is designed to back SDS station, so bear very powerful, long back, shoulder straps, chest straps, girdle, has gravity center adjustment, the back plate is comfortable and breathable. Girdle wide, and with a shoulder strap and can be effectively carried integrally waist. It is interesting that the backpack can still use the parachute, which has connections with two parachute, used to link parachute.

The disadvantage is that the main cabin is not thick enough, it put the thickness of the stations it, not for me to put the camera back to good notebook. The same is the weight and size of the problem, not suitable for people with a car.

12, Street Fighter mysterious ranch

One of the main series of mysterious ranch city, Yan high value, rich color. 17 liter capacity, but low standard has always been mysterious ranch, actually it should be 20 liters. Classic Futura Frame carrying structure, typical small backpack big bear, so back up was quite comfortable, is not a girdle. But for packet girdle it with reluctance, and a built-in belt stable enough.

Spectacled tank top, both sides of the bottle pocket stretch fabrics, very practical design easy commute. Vice slightly smaller cabin, sorting debris some difficulties.


The disadvantage is the small opening of the main cabin! too small! Put the camera or big things into a lot of trouble.


14, X17 mysterious ranch

Classic mountaineering hoisting bags, carrying simple, but there is a stable removable waist belt for such a packet is enough. Good shape, roll the mouth opening designed to hold things really easy to use, I like, but there is a side opening for quick take things. Volume I + open side up on a commuter I feel good.

The disadvantage is not suitable for the back too many things.

15, the mysterious ranch KW Flip

Classic bucket bag shape, scare street or resort to force grid high. Carrying structure is simple, but very comfortable shoulder strap do. Because it is barrel package, so it is large, what place are easy, but the disadvantage is that nothing separated, so it can with fresh plugs.

16, LII GEAR 13L co-branded version of the armor

Mainly done on the basis of LII GEAR13L backpack on a number of changes, trumpet bucket bag, Yan good value, there are glasses cabin top, increasing the water bottle pocket on both sides, it is suitable for commuting. The disadvantage is too small, does not fit with too many things, so much like me with something, go out and drive more to the right. If want to take a walking tour of what, or forget.

17, TAD Azimuth

XPC whole fabric, lightweight, easy to carry, as the positioning and hoisting X17 package, the same volume + port opening side opening. But I feel ugly. But also thin fabric composite XPAC no longer trust or from good to 330D.


18, the mysterious farm ONE DAY

Personally think that than the popular Spartan easy to use, Y-U Sparta than full open easy to use, and almost URBAN shape, but the use of bear farms adjustable, comfort is good. Bies Bada top bag more than a warehouse debris, more suitable for some routine, but overall still too little cabin deputy, a more direct outside open just fine. A further drawback is saddled resulting in the overall shape is too large rather long, but if you have to tangle flair military package is also very good choice.

19, rhinoceros Urban Ruck

Trend shape, the sub-compartment is also more convenient to open and close the mouth of the bag volume, carrying also good. Backplane and can be equipped with a storage function, the use of the back panel you will own too fragmented enough. The disadvantage is too big, how it is 20 liters? Obviously 30 liters capacity! If you are a student backpack every day, no problem, if it is only occasionally look back to shop, too. More suitable for short-distance travel backpackers. There is too big, as you fill the whole, bear it and a little weak.

20, arctic fox Raven 20 Sheng

Mine is a joint section AIMPOINT and arctic fox, not to AIMPOINT I will not buy, to get started, however, delicious. This is the commuter package, what you want to bike, what the military package to ah. Thick computer compartment, put debris deputy cabin and glasses are local, not any package to divide the army down to how to put a pen but did not think too much fucking matter of problems, both sides have a kettle handy warehouse , 20 liters packet can bear. Drawback is not dirt, green would not know good point.

In addition, official domestic extremely sucker, do not know is good not because arctic fox small square package sold, so a nice curve package, regardless of the store, or Taobao flagship store, rectangular shape into life and death have to show at a glance He would have no desire to buy.

Folding backpack 21 In and Out


A folding backpack, stowed 12 cm square. Very easy to use, every time travel, I travel with. To lay down their luggage to the destination and large bag, walking around carrying out the parcel, very cool. But because it is not folding backpack back, need to find something to pad the inside.

6L backpack positioning and folding tower like a tiger, but the appearance look better, but also a side pocket can put things.

22 mysterious farm Sparta backpack


Coquettish appearance, performance, excess, segmentation is not suitable for routine, this is actually a radio station or equipment bag.

It is the fire for some time, but my hand just 2 days without love, not to say that this package is not good, but this is obviously not an everyday backpack. SDS and radio packages, volume is not large, but has a relatively powerful bear, very thick shoulder pads. No internal split, when there are prefabricated MOLLE webbing can be hung small, but too many packets will further occupation of interior space, and weight gain.

23 Maxpedition Mima ENTITY 21 Sheng backpack

This is a very commuter backpack, high force grid fabric texture, meticulous workmanship. Full U-shaped fastener easy loading and unloading of goods, internal division careful, well-considered, regardless of flashlight, wallet, passport, IPAD, keys, have to take care of, but not so fine to use a single, thick buffer layer and, either put a camera or notebook is very at ease.

If a shortcoming that I did not like the appearance of bulging, although such large capacity easy to use, and the second is the old tail strap folded.


Fine workmanship and design, unlike Americans to work, but the boss is indeed a Chinese-American.

24 Mysterious Farm Street Zen 25L backpack street


This profile is a very show backpack, carrying Fighter structurally similar but more comfortable, 25L capacity. Main compartment package design using Volume I, a lot of people do not like Volume I, Volume I, but in fact very good, put something inside casually open plug on the line, and most of the volume expansion ports but also to a certain extent. Large tanks have an outer layer attached with a split upper part, a top Velcro closure, a zipper side surface side opening. Side backpack is a good design, so you can come up with something from the bottom side, so a lot of small things can be thrown directly attached to the cabin, looking on it from the side. But also convenient side-opening the backpack pulled down from behind the chest directly take keys or something.


Although this package targeting street package, but I think it is very suitable for short-distance hiking and tourism.

25 EAGLE INDUSTRIES All-Purpose Pack Backpack

This is a school bag! This is a school bag!

Buying this package is purely eagle’s hawk, for many old players, EI is a feeling. Before no firstspear, EI’s military products are noble synonymous. This packaged AII, with the old generation AIII, with a hard man carrying, a big main warehouse in the end. The small chamber above can only put a black mirror pen, and the attached pool is on the side, and it can be taken down on the top of the chest. It is more useful to have the elastic water bottle cabin on both sides.


About the carrying:

The carrying is usually mainly consisting of 6 parts, shoulder strap adjustment, center adjustment, back long adjustment, waist adjustment, chest strip adjustment, back liner composition.


Back is very important, but what is the bottom or see the demand and positioning, in general, the small bag in 30L will not have too complex back, try to do comfortably. At the same time, users have a clear position to have a clear position. It is a long time, there are many times, but it is only for convenience to carry, usually not from the room to the garage.


About separation:

The backpack segmentation does not need to be meticulous like a debris package, but it is still better than a few separate. If all things are piled up, fall together, find something is not convenient, don’t look good.

About the thickness of the main cabin:

Like the debris bag, the body has enough thickness to use, but also to look at the position, if it is squeezing the subway, bus, or thin, so excuse.