Binzhou fishing friends must see! Buy a good fishing tackle with a little money, don’t miss it.

From June 28th to 30th, Binzhou Yisheng Fishing Tack Mall will begin. This shopping festival will hold ten activities. During the event, there will be gifts to the store! Activity Address: Yellow River 2 Road, Yellow River, Yellow River, the intersection of Bohai 14 Road to South Road (Bilin Garden North Gate, China)

Forwarding a gift: Forward this link to a circle of friends or a valid fishing group once, the day of the event can receive a bag of a baby;

Entering the store courtesy: During the event, the consumed product is 5 yuan to send a three-color giant, the quantity is limited to the first time;

You buy me to send: All the new product bait buy three packs during the event (send the same product bait);

Full gift: A total of 300-500 yuan is spent on the day of the event, send a fishing cap, a bottle of boutique medicine; Pooping a drift, a bottle of boutique medicine;

Member registration activity: The success of members in the event will receive a fishing gear;

Special offer promotion promotion: Special products can be counted, all special products have lost money sales, the end of the event is restored;


Chemical Coach Team Teaching Activities: Signature, Observation, Doubt;


At the same time, during the event, download Qilu Evening News official client Qilu, and send a live video or picture at the intelligence station, you can receive a fishing product for free.

For more information, please call the hotline 131 5358 5178 for consultation