Authentic Northeast antler new goods on the cabinet low to 2 yuan / gram

Dizziness, waist and knees, sleep, dream, upset, easy to hear …

As the saying goes, “people have been forty days and afternoon”. The various indicators of the human body health since the age of 40 began to take the slope, liver deficiency, kidney deficiency, etc., is very common. Studies have shown that the liver is often implicated. Patients with hepatitis, cirrhosis, and jaundice, even if their kidneys have no disease, renal function is not normal. Therefore, the people who kidney deficiency cannot just be staring at the kidneys, and they have to raise their liver.

People with bad liver should focus on qi and blood. “Traditional Chinese Medicine Dictionary” records the antler “Zhuang Yuanyang, qi, Yi Jing, strong bones”, is very suitable for liver deficiency, kidney deficiency people nourishing.

Vegetation is dense, rich in food

Good velvet from Northeast natural environment

Northeast China is Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning San Provincial State said that there are high coverage of forests, green forests, pure water, and a wide variety of plants, and rich in wild animals. Its special geographic and climate environments have given a lot of well-known Chinese and foreign special products, and antler is one of the representatives.

正宗东北鹿茸 新货上柜低至2元/克

Li Shizhen once described the deer: “Deer is a fairy beast, pure Yang Duo Shou, can pass the military, non-good grass does not eat, so the corner meat is beneficial.”

The main source of velvet is the plum deer and the red deer, of which the antler of the plum deer is high, more precious. But even the velvet antler of the plum deer is divided into one or two, depending on the growth environment.

Everyone knows that the chicken that has been raised in the wild, whether the nutrition value is nutritious, or the taste is very different. Similarly, stocking in the mountains, running, chasing, hunting, with a variety of trees, shrub leaves, rich in nutrients, more nutrients, with a variety of trees, rich feeding, and more tougainful. The deer who is in the farm is a dry grass, corn tip, and platycodon. It is relatively limited to the nutrients, the activeness is poor, and the velvet nourishing value of the growth is relatively limited.

This time, the velvet antler directly oricast, all from the Liaoning Meihuo Inhabitant Society. From the old friend of the money, Jiang Zhaoquan personally checked, extracted, and took the four-year-old plum deer, and it was a year of harvesting, all of which were head embrace, limited quantity, nourish value.

Antler ≠ antler

There are three major criteria for choosing antler

The antler of the plum deer contains a variety of nutrients, with a total amino acid content of 50.13%, lysine, arginine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid and other more than 17 kinds. In addition, the antler monosoned 20 elements such as acid polysaccharide such as chondroitin A, prostaglandin, neuronamide, and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium.

But the fake technique in the market is very different, and consumers should polish their eyes when purchasing.

Jiang Zhuquan reminded: “The corner of the deer head is called antler before or aging. After aging, it is called an antlers, and the medicinal value of the antlers is very far from the antler. The price is very cheap.”

“Good velvet must have fattened.” How do you choose? Color, fragrance, three shots of fakes.

正宗东北鹿茸 新货上柜低至2元/克

“The velvet color is generally deep, there is blood but not whole block, usually in the center location, if the whole red is a bit suspicion, there is a honeycomb; the real velvet should be smelling , But the antlers have no taste; the velvet flasses will have a salty feeling when they are in touch with the tip of the tongue, very thin, long-term cooking, bite with venison, very fragrant. “

The velvet is the antler, the antlers are antlers, consumers should pay attention, don’t take the antlers as antler hugged home.

According to Lao Jiang, the velvet preparation is made in the top, the top called blood (also known as wax), is called powder, bone, the price and quality are also reduced. Consumers can purchase nourishment of the velvet flavors of yourself according to their own situation.

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Authentic Northeast antler new goods on the cabinet low to 2 yuan / gram