Middle-aged women put away jeans, this winter is popular “warm pants”, fashionable and thin and warm

Jeans is a representative single product of retro casual style, so he has received a lot of little sister, although there are many styles of jeans, but because of the same material, the design is the same, and the jeans is inevitable. There is a bad street.

And it is always wearing a jeans to live in a dirty style. If you don’t wear jeans, you don’t know how to wear. For a little older woman who is a little older, you will die, you will have a big mistake. !

In addition to the old age is rustic, this winter is better to try “warm pants”!

The so-called “warm pants” is also a good warm pants, many people’s first reaction, isn’t it the autumn trousers? Indeed, the warmth of warmth is originally used in home costumes, but now there are many panties models not only keep warm.


It can also be equipped with a trend attribute.

Dimensional trend, let us take a look.

Warmeters recommend 1: Schnauer warm pants

This wide-leg pants uses the Schnaute fabric, very skin-friendly, there is a very good warm effect in the winter, compared to jeans,

This kind of texture is better

It seems to be more trend. Middle-aged woman is still very important in daily warmth, and it is possible to have a warmth, why not do it.

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Plus velvet Schnier wide leg pants


¥ 99



Recommended reason:

The fabric of this trousers is the material of Schnillar, plus velvet thickening, very warm. The wide-leg design comes with a lazy adjustment, the foot is designed, and the upper body is clean and profitable. It is very modified. It looks straight. The baby velvet has been added, soft and comfortable, warm in winter is the standard “warm pants”.

When choosing this kind of Schnillar pants, you must choose the loose style of mopping, first of all, the knitted trousers is very obvious.

The long feeling of the trousers that dragging the trousers can make this pattern to be delayed.

There is also a high effect. In addition, if it is a tight style, it is not convenient to match the autumn clothes in the winter.

Warmeters recommend 2: plus velvet leggings

Winter’s upload is generally more fat, from the foundation cotton clothing, down jacket, and this year’s hot bread clothes.

Upwed method

I believe that everyone has heard, winter wearing the most practical practice, under loose upload, who doesn’t want to show a big long leg? Home leggings is the best choice.

Although there is already a kind of light leg artifact, it is not to wear a skirt every day, plus velvet leggings is much better than the light leg artifact. The upper body is mixed with a basic color cotton clothing, and then with the plus velvet leggings with long boots. It is “armed”, and the super warm is still very cool. I don’t have to think about it in winter, just like this, go out. Can be trend.

Warmeters recommend 3: straight warm pants


Beltic pants can be said to be

A pants type with the highest leg-type bag contrary.

In the winter, choose a spinning material in the wind, the windshield is very good, put on the boots with a light leg artifact or simple autumn clothes, do not have to worry about the problem of straight pants legs.

It’s just that it is to mention the straight pants.

Molding sense

, Standing a quite version, the texture of the dram, it is used to match it too much. In the winter, it is matched with a coat, and it is mixed in minutes.

However, the choice of straight pants will be more expensive, because its version cannot be wider, too wide, will cause the visual sense of the width of the width. It’s too hard to look too much, so it is best to go to the store to try it better.


Although I will choose trouble, when you choose a strong straight panties, you will definitely let you love it. After all, the type of modeling and fashionable feelings cannot be in other trousers.


Fashion summary:

Today’s fashion, it is definitely not to sacrifice the temperature to find the wind, and the real smart love beauty will definitely weigh the two. For middle-aged women, the cold cold will last for a few days, for a good body, prepare a few stylish and warm warm pants in this winter, rest assured!

Which pants do you start in this winter? Welcome everyone in the comment area show your trend, and the little sisters who have not started to hurry!