1 meter 55, don’t wear long coats with wind, try “suits + half skirt”, hipster advanced and high

Many girls are in daily wearing a style, especially the workplace, like women, I like to use a hundred and advanced long coats to match, the coat is good, but for a small child below 1 meter 55. , Coat is really not too friendly.

If you want to have a very temperament of the coat, it is recommended to try “Suit + Salad” with a “suit + half skirt”, and the elegant and high-level and handsome, this kind of dress is worth a small child.

First, dark suit with dark skirt


• Brown short suits + black straight half skirt

In the “Suit + Skirt” match, the coordination and unity of the upper and lower body colors can be used to form a ripe and stable style. This set of dark-style styles emphasizes formal and serious feelings, this dark brown short suits with high waist version of black straight pants, optimized and high waist There are a certain promotion role in the creation of the line.

• Brown Gray Suit + Gray Pable Pleated Dird


The coat of suitcase coats is compared to the solid color suit, the coat is not as monotonous, and the simple retro style is injective, injecting a smart beauty in the style. The lower body is equipped with an umbrella shaped pleated skirt, which is not only a better inclusiveness, but also looks good. Like the retro tempering girl, you can choose this set.

• Black Gray Suit + Cowboy Steel Skirt


In our daily life, in addition to choosing a semi-skirt in the mid-aramid pattern, you can also choose a denim dress like this. The tough denim fabric is equipped with the retro gritclite, handsome and retro feel, like the official style little sister, and keep it like this.


• Black suits + grid sewers

Basic version of black suit, is familiar with women who take mature style workplace, the lower body is equipped with a concrete skirt to reduce formal and serious feelings, low-key and texture, highlighting advanced taste.

• Black suits + long black semi skirt

The half skirt of the ankle is focused on highlighting the unique and advanced gas fields of mature women. It is very drawn after wearing it. The upper body is mixed with a short suits, and has been practiced, and the classic simple model has created a different feeling.

Second, dark suit + light color half skirt

• Black suit + white wave point half dress


In this black and white match, you can use a slightly dull and monotonous black suit, with a white wave point of the leisure lady, create elegant and girl’s breath, seemingly low-key, actually foundation, The high-level feeling of styling.

In another set of black and white shapes, the lower body chose a white pleated half dress, a glossy fabric, and a regular pleated pattern, it cuts the single tuning from the suit jacket. If you also like a high-level and temperament dress matching, you must try this style.


• Blue suits jacket + rice white pleated half dress


Many girls always feel that the black suit jacket is equipped with a skirt, too ordinary, and can spend some feelings on the color. This fresh blue suits, retains the official sense of traditional style suits, and will not be so dead, the lower body wear the white pleated half dress, and the perfect portrait of the temperament.

In the contrast match, emphasize the contrast between two or more or more colors, highlighting the sense of fashion. Another set of black and white shapes, using a white wool suit coat with a black short half dress, forming a full Korean style, very young girl.


Third, the same color match


• Khaki suits coat + hierarchy half dress

If you want to simply have a stylish dress, try the same color matching, this kind of match is also the most difficult to make mistakes, so that the overall shape maintains uniform and harmonious beauty, and will not feel too monotonous. .

The coat of suitcase and long sewers, the inside and outside is relaxed, forming a simple and fresh girl style.

It turns out that there is so many skills in the “Suit + Skirt” in the “suits + half skirt”, which is worth learning, mastering these wear 诀, I believe we can easily create trendy high-level temperament.


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