Tong Lei grabbed the waist like a can, wearing baggy satin dress with belt, hip bone shape clearly visible

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Sharing the most classic fashion dress, so that you can make a high-level sense in the four seasons, women are not lacking, only lack of stimulating skills, will wear, let you become an elegant woman with taste!

Among all the costumes, dresses for artistically background role women have to go beyond other types of single product, so I want to show feminine qualities of women are concerned skirt outfit fashion.

Design details on the skirt, will have design elements to style, temperament most immediate impact, starting from the personal characteristics choose the most suitable dresses, so the image of attraction will become stronger.

Mature women will wear a skirt to make personal strengths emerge, loose dresses, slim skirts different sense of personal image modification, to understand the characteristics of dresses, skirts analysis of the place where the charm.


Tong Lei skirt shape can have a lot to learn from the place, would-be female temperament, first learn to wear a skirt. Tong Lei wear dresses quite taste, nor cover in front of Zhang Guoli, 41 years old live very rich. Tong Lei grabbed the waist like a can, wearing baggy satin dress with belt, hip bone shape clearly visible.

Tong Lei satin skirt outfit fashion

Skirt fabric characteristics

Has an impact on the skirt fabric style design and visual image, so to understand the characteristics of skirt fabric is very important, satin fabrics belong

No stretch


Fabrics, based on this characteristic, the fabric is not designed to fit tight money, or likely to cause uncomfortable to wear, so satin skirt with

Loose skirt



There are satin



Tactile impression

This feature also makes the satin skirt must be designed in a more relaxed style, silky dresses can make sense to maintain a strong



, Skirt easily form a fold, the impact appearance dress.

Dress style characteristics

Round neck off shoulder + + Wide Design


They are showing skirt outfit casual charm,

Round neck

The most widely used, skirt outfit in order to highlight the personality and temperament, it is necessary to increase the depth and width of the round neck, collarbone and neckline can make even more revealing.


Let off the shoulder

Rotator cuff position

With more distinctive features, extended shoulder sleeves make sense of design to strengthen, there



Trends, design is elegant and unique, so there will be no loose skirt

Home skirt

Outfit qualities.

Wide skirt respect the characteristics of the fabric itself, showing dress


But also in line with the needs of middle-aged women dress temperament, make artistically advanced and become engaging.

Skirt outfit effect

Too loose dresses will make the image look too casual,

Home wind

Features more obvious at this time is necessary to use other decorations to make up for the shortcomings of dresses to wear to catch.


Very suitable for large skirt with up belt


Allows real figure emerged, because the belt to highlight the waist, it will also expose the width and shape of the hip, slender woman would wear such a great flavor.

Satin skirt loose skirt representatives style design features directly related to the characteristics of the fabric, silky and no elastic fabrics are not designed to fit personal style, a little loose design can revel in the casual outfit and Advanced.

In addition to the satin skirt, there are a lot of dresses designed to bring out the women who mature charm, the charm of the advantages to make the image of the show, style and color features are outstanding features to see what these dresses .

Mature women choose dresses outfit

Dress outfit

Dress is extended version of the vest, can reveal




Morphology, and vest models based design looks more fresh, simple, visual charm temperament is also very strong.

Dress wanted to show a more stylish temperament, you can use


Design in the form of increased charm, cake skirt design elements can be added to the vest skirt designs. Stacked with a great personality, and increased publicity sense skirt, let skirt with a moderate blocking resistance, not very significant figure by age.

Shoulder dress outfit

Shoulder dress tide models belong to the skirt, the design

Unilateral shoulder

Exposed, so that figure glamor in a more personal manner presented, and compared with the Tube or word shoulder, shoulder dress more suitable for mature women, dress outfit atmosphere and Advanced.

Shoulder skirt fashion design can be fused various elements, strapless portion may maintain the natural state, and the other side of the shoulder portion of the shield may be added





And other decoration, so the dress sense of design strengthened. Giving the image of the girl is mature temperament or temperament, style of dress becomes more prominent.

Dress outfit

Dress is simple, but the right people can be a lot of young or older women can wear, and can figure a way to adjust the outfit according to guarantee decent image with high wear resistance, show attractive dress.

Dress also can join the many design elements, such as




Etc. These elements can be spliced ​​to any Dress. When wearing, it can be used with the ride, also with a jacket, let fashion style dress with a higher and broader adaptability.

Vest, skirt, shoulder dress, loose skirts or sundresses have their own modification that allows visual image produced many changes, daily outfit a certain kind of limitations do not match, make up a rich personal image, changing the image more with an attractive personality, you can make the image of glamor to become rich.

Master the seasonal fashion elements and become a delicate person! Don’t play tall, just talk about the latest dry goods, let you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and comprehend!