Classic animation elements to combat plus BUFF! CHERRY EVA custom gaming mouse and keyboard experience

In recent years in the field of gaming peripherals, the second element of cross-border and animation have become frequent up joint funds peripheral products on the market are common. Such products are often resonates gamers and anime fans, for the players to increase faith BUFF game operation. Today we experience is to build several CHERRY EVA “Evangelion” Custom theme of the game mouse and keyboard products, how it will bring a different experience of it?

经典动漫元素为战斗力加BUFF!CHERRY EVA定制游戏键鼠体验

Belief in the value of MX 3.0S pull full keyboard customization

经典动漫元素为战斗力加BUFF!CHERRY EVA定制游戏键鼠体验

CHERRY The launch of EVA customized keyboard-based MX 3.0S its classic mechanical keyboard, there are unit-II machine and two other theme color scheme. By adding a large number of elements “Evangelion” anime in the design, appearance is enough to attract attention, beliefs addition Leverage.

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In the “Evangelion” anime, unit-for the first time into combat EVA, painted in purple restraint device, has a similar life and apostolic body, the chest also has a similar red core nucleus of the apostles. Wonderful relationship that exists between it and Shinji Ikari, and when a runaway played by the amazing fighting particularly noteworthy, and a manufacturing background and also makes use of confidential EVA unit-EVA series became the most mysterious body .

经典动漫元素为战斗力加BUFF!CHERRY EVA定制游戏键鼠体验

Zero machine EVA family is originally developed successful test works, before the first 6 words are used as a test to yellow as the basic coating.

EVA II is the first machine to combat manufactured, without external instruction is the first frame can be self-initiated by a driver from the outside EVA EVA (referred to herein Zhuxun, because of its soul apostles, and can be copied since the first apostles, and it closed the inner EVA II machine psychological resonance). Red Type B equipment close combat armor, with EVA series may correspond to the use of arms the most.

Which MX 3.0S unit-custom keyboard with blue-violet, fluorescent green color, orange, black as sand, perfect complex carved in unit-cartoon classic color “Evangelion.” Main key area of ​​the keyboard character highly recognizable regular hexagonal honeycomb pattern design EVA, EVA is the number 1 key special surface pattern for “unit-number.” Spacebar, ENTER, SHIFT key to extract the different elements of unit-shading design, such as the spacebar is the unit-and the driver Shinji’s classic cartoon image. And the direction of the key elements by EVA gun Michelangelo nous pattern instead.

经典动漫元素为战斗力加BUFF!CHERRY EVA定制游戏键鼠体验

MX 3.0S unit-custom keyboard

经典动漫元素为战斗力加BUFF!CHERRY EVA定制游戏键鼠体验

MX 3.0S machine two custom keyboard in red to yellow tones, black embellishment. Spacebar, ENTER, the pattern on the SHIFT key so naturally draws elements from the cartoon image of the number two machine design, such as the spacebar is the machine and its pilot Asuka II classic cartoon image.

MX 3.0S machine two custom keyboard

经典动漫元素为战斗力加BUFF!CHERRY EVA定制游戏键鼠体验

Other aspects, keyboard retains the original pure “German taste”, a full keyboard keys meet the needs of most games, the exterior design is very attractive aluminum base, 5 foot shaft achieved without bottoming steel design feels softer, various applications are very smooth. Keyboard black shaft, shaft red, green tea shaft and the shaft axis four kinds of optional, CHERRY shaft itself of the quality and performance of the natural feel is beyond doubt. The experience of unit-custom models and custom models II machines were green and black shaft axis, either playing games or codeword, or that familiar feeling.

经典动漫元素为战斗力加BUFF!CHERRY EVA定制游戏键鼠体验

Cool custom mouse turned the MC8.1

In addition to the MX 3.0S custom keyboards, CHERRY also introduced the EVA-based custom mouse MC8.1, also have two color, respectively, is used in armor architectural elements from unit-zero machine and were remodeling, with its classic color, and features of the new century Evangelion English identity in the right mouse button to create a highly recognizable elements without losing the faith of appearance, I believe will be able to please the fans like EVA.

MC8.1 unit-customized version

MC8.1 zero machine customized version

Other parts, MC8.1 regarded as a somewhat innovative in the design of products, sub-structure design brings a feeling of all themselves. The cover can be adjusted left and right, front and back angles of each level, players will be selected by way of the past, to adapt to the shape of the mouse instead to fine-tune the angle of the mouse to suit the needs of their grip, giving players has brought great convenience undoubtedly better suited to the actual needs of players. “Crawler” wheel design allows the player when using the wheel without having to lift a finger, while reducing the travel distance, also reduces wear and tear on the joints of the fingers to bring more care on ergonomic design. Coupled with impressive performance and gaming experience, it can be said CHERRY MC8.1 either in hand or manipulation has a very good performance.

Summary: EVA worthy players to recharge the faith of product

经典动漫元素为战斗力加BUFF!CHERRY EVA定制游戏键鼠体验

Some market so-called co-branded gaming mouse and keyboard products, its product quality itself is very general, very perfunctory joint elements, the feeling is not sincere, totally staring at the fan pocket money.

CHERRY launched this several EVA customized mechanical keyboard and mouse appearance has been redesigned, regardless of color, rendering the animation elements, could see CHERRY is spent thinking, to create a mouse and keyboard products are naturally full of faith . At the same time, a customized version of its popular CHERRY products based on the MX 3.0S MC8.1 mechanical keyboard and mouse game, either feel or performance are very existence of play. From the design to the gaming experience all there is no short board, is worthy of faith EVA fans recharge wave products.