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After bacteriostatic cream into Taitouwawa

Raised concerns.

Reporters interviewed found that pharmacy, maternal stores and electronic business platform has a lot of “consumer” and famous baby cream, most of them under the pretext of doctor, prescriptions, known as the natural hormone-free a day or two can be effective.


Chinese Institute of Food and Drug test

Screening, 7 installment of “consumer” famous four batches eczema products contain hormones.

家居百科 | 婴童织物用品怎么选?

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Baby Products, also known as baby products, is for 0-3 years old baby these special groups to provide professional health products.

Baby Products are divided into food supplement, personal care, household goods and clothing and so on.

家居百科 | 婴童织物用品怎么选?

Today we’ll talk

Bibs, mattress, family of four, hold the

Several major categories.

1. bibs

Also known as meals pocket bibs, baby bib, easy to use, no dirty clothes, clean and sanitary.

Small-month-old baby

Less action, suit straps bibs.

This simple style bibs, although not waterproof, but frequently changes on it.

Slightly larger and lively baby

家居百科 | 婴童织物用品怎么选?

For 360-degree ring bibs, double-sided sandwich, although does not look good, it is limited, but durable.

Want to “lazy” Baoma Come and buy it!

Big baby

You can choose sling, soft, beautiful, behind dark button, convenient and simple. The only downside is that some fabrics are not waterproof.

Concave shape necessary, the fashion choice of Baoma!

2. Mattress

There is a lot of thinking traditional concept of the elderly: good sleep hard to waist. So when choosing the child’s mattress, a lot of parents will consider more rigid material.

In fact, this argument

No theoretical basis

. If the mattress was hard, no pressure lumbar support, the child will sleep uncomfortable, it is easy to sense trouble.

There will not promptly corrected spine deformation, damage will be accompanied by the child’s life. Some people just the opposite, very soft mattress selection is wrong.

How to choose baby mattress?


Safety and environmental protection

Sleep mattress close contact with the human body, if any hazardous substances, are likely to cause incalculable damage to the baby. Mattress material must be healthy, no radiation, Baoma treasure dad should not covet cheap to buy poor-quality three free products.


Support strong

Flex mattress should be moderate, personally experienced the best time of purchase. Good support force to ensure that the baby will not because of the uneven distribution of gravity caused local subsidence, resulting in deformation of bone development, causing spinal problems on the mattress.

家居百科 | 婴童织物用品怎么选?


家居百科 | 婴童织物用品怎么选?

Fresh, breathable

Permeability good mattress can quickly dissipate heat and moisture produced by the body during sleep, thus ensuring the quality of sleep. In addition, poor immunity baby, every once in a while, put the mattress over and the sun again, to avoid the growth of mites.

3. Children family of four

家居百科 | 婴童织物用品怎么选?

Cotton fabrics

家居百科 | 婴童织物用品怎么选?

Children’s skin is very delicate, if the fabric is not good cause allergies and other skin diseases. Cotton fabrics are soft and safe, it is the first choice Baoma treasure dad.

Lively pattern

Too fancy pattern distracting the child, resulting in children can not sleep peacefully.

Hardware security

When buying children’s bedding, must pay attention to hardware accessories.

家居百科 | 婴童织物用品怎么选?

Although some of bedding do fine, but a bit rough or sharp metal, may be harmful to children.

Particular attention to quilt and pillowcase side of the zipper!

Light-colored bedding

Dark than light-colored bedding contain more toxic substances, and fade more serious, this is a potential threat to children’s health is.

4. hold the

To the newly born baby wrapped have been, so your baby will feel he has been in her stomach, a sense of security enhancements to the newborn, to appease the restless mood.

At the same time hold is there are many features: warm, sun and so on.

Hold are all sorts of styles, mothers need to master the correct method of bag, then wrap the baby how it?

Method rectangular package holding step is

1. corner down, tile on the table, aligned with the shoulders and the knuckle.

2. The right shoulder wrap, stuffed into the left armpit.

3. The left hand grabbed the baby’s left arm, and then pick up the package to be inserted into the bottom corner of the baby’s shoulders.

4. The upper right corner of the folded panels, the baby on the location of the body.

The last position in the corner of the V-shaped stuffing.

家居百科 | 婴童织物用品怎么选?

Well, on baby products temporarily to share here.

Select the most suitable for children’s products in a number of commodities seemingly difficult, but Baoma who see more, hear more exchanges, will become a qualified small baby product selection expert. For more content and products please leave a message Oh!