Smart drone inserted with wings for grid inspection

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Northeast Network December 3

(Reporter Yang Fan) “Kangba line No. 79 right-line anti-vibration hammer missing.” As the drone completed the autonomous inspection in the air, the flying trip was seriously recorded the ontological defect of transmission line. On December 1st, in Bayan County 220 kV Kang Barban line on-site, in the head of the Yangbang Model Innovation Studio, the people who lead the studio members in the Ocean refinement test, accurately identifying concealed defects, ensuring the route Transfer “zero defect” on schedule.

In 2018, there were 11 members in 2018. They are from Harbin Power Supply Company to transmit and repair, transmission and transportation and other majors. Studio is responsible for 220 kV of Harbin Power Supply Company Transmission and Inspection Center, 66 kV nearly 5 kilometers of route patrol mission. Compared with the routine inspection of the line, it is only a year in only one year in only one year.

Studio Members Monitoring Transport Lines Channel Online Monitoring System. Left one is Yu Yang (photo of Zhang Bozong)

Filling the sexy in the high-precision area


Enter into the innovative studio, a medium-sized drone in a diameter of 1 meter 45 in the eye. Yu Yang said, this is the first generation of drones in the innovative studio in 2016. Large to the cabin cover, small to a piece of connecting gold, is hand-made handmade in studio members. Transmitters, sensors, electric pumps … All components are one piece of unoccupied drones. Although it seems cumbersome, bearing capacity and endurance are quite excellent at the time.

In 2018, in the formal listing of Yang’s Wranty Model Innovation Studio, the new chapter of the intelligent inspection was opened, and the transformation of traditional artificial model to intelligent inspection work model, not only filling in my country’s drone technology in the high-definition area. It also provides technical support for the high-altitude transmission line drone inspection.

Going back to the development of the innovative studio, in the ocean feels thousands. From the initial 6-year-old group development, there is now a innovative studio that has 11 flight backbone power. The studio has experienced from an unityful hardship process, from the first generation of drones wearable to now Multi-functional micro-drone The studio also gets wider on the road of smart inspections, and the more it goes.

Under the leadership of the Ocean, the interest and potential of members of the innovative studio have been stimulated. They actively participate in the company’s multiple scientific and technological research projects, grow, continuous progress, and realize their own life in flight.

“Since the addition of the Yangbao Model Innovation Studio, I have participated in many technological innovation projects, witnessed the transformation of labor-intensive to skill management types and drones intelligent inspections in the company’s various applications, I The professional literacy and skills have greatly improved. “In December 2018, Zhang Zhiwen, which has worked for more than a year in the Harbin Power Supply Company Transmission and Inspection Center, added more than a year of Zhang Zhi’s innovation studio. He said that the studio has a strong study atmosphere and the brave in the innovation, the spirit of the innovation is infected with him every day, and motivates him to keep moving forward.

Since 2018, there have been four trainers in the studio have been successful, accumulating more than 150 employees training professional skills, cultivating multiple UTC (unmanned aircraft system operating hand certificate) instructors and AOPO (civil engineer driver Certificate of the certificate, the captain, cultivate nearly 70 flying patrols, lost, change, and professional training and development of the flying patrol members.

Before the patrol operation, studio members check the drone lens. (Take Zhang Bozong)

Implement power line intelligent inspection

“220 kV Dongyuan line 1005 (large side) N large side has no abnormalities.” Every day, Yu Yu, a member of Yang’s Working Model Innovation Studio, will operate the online monitoring system platform of power transmission line, check the key three cross-line operations. “We take the line channel through the fixed-point position, master the line operation, can be handled in the first time during an abnormality, the platform will also be alarm prompt.” Yu Yang introduced, except for the fixed-point position, special line sections will also be arranged Remote sensing equipment, 360 degree full-scale imaging for lines, dynamically viewing line operation.

Cui Yu once again opened a panorama of a substation, and the number of temperature on the graph varies with the movement of the mouse. Yu Yang said, “This is the specific application of the drone in the infrared temperature. The brighter screen is brighter, the higher the temperature. Traditional temperature measuring gun can only be used for single-point temperature, the drone infrared temperature can be photographed The photo performs global temperature measurement, which is equivalent to taking a whole body ‘CT’, each node, the connection part of each gold, is clear. “

With the advancement of intelligent inspection technology, the inspection is no longer limited to “see” and “test”, but from two-dimensional upgrade to three days. On the screen, a Songhua River across the river tower. This is 3D point cloud modeling formed by drone inspection. UAV will perform visible light scan according to a pre-planned patrol route, convert the terrain gem into point cloud data, and then form three-dimensional three-dimensional images through the coordinate point, one to a restore Songhua River crossing the river tower, providing data support for flood prevention and maintenance.

Since the establishment of the Ocean Workers Innovation Studio, the studio members have fly more than 12,062 times, and the mileage is 8079.8 kilometers. The group shall be attended by 4,795 people. Flight training is more than 2,400 hours, successfully completed the transfer line inspection, engineering acceptance, and rescue power supply.

The drone not only realizes the “flight dream” of electricity inspections not only in high-tech, but also records the daily life of the power inspection with the perspective of “Overlooking”.

Expansion drone + new field application

Since the establishment of the studio, the Ocean has always integrated the key points and breakthroughs in the Qing Dynasty into daily maintenance work, leading the team to continuously stimulate the drone in more field applications.

On April 2, 2019, Yao Yuan, member of the Innovation Studio, Harbin Power Supply Company Transmission and Inspection Center, found that there was a defect in the original drone of the 220 kV transmission line, the original defects occurred in the original, and the line clamp bolts were loose. .

To minimize job risk, in the ocean operation intelligent robot with the drone on-line maintenance. Confirm the fault point, fastening the loose screw, determines troubleshooting … The robot smart arm cooperates with the drone only in 15 minutes to smoothly complete the charged operation, and realize the first time using intelligent robots with intelligent robots to charge power transmission line equipment. In September of the same year, the innovative studio completed the topic “Overhead transmission line intelligent inspection management with electricity operation robots and drone consensus operations”, I received the first prize of Heilongjiang Province Enterprise Management Modern Innovation.

The new model of the “drone independent inspection + robot with electricity inspection” in the high-precision area opened the door of the electricity operation, and the no-breaking of the airway was opened.

“A multi-angle no-fire” of the studio applied for the anti-cold drone “obtained the utility model patent certificate in 2019. Especially on April 11 this year, it plays an important role in dealing with the foreign objects of Northern Bar No. 66 KV 47 and the foreign body. On the same day, due to the foreign body equipment, the wind is located in the center of the lake, the wind is large and the rain, Cui Yu, and Yao are immediately decided to adopt the wrecker of the fireless drone. When the drone arrived above the lake, a few seconds, foreign matter removal. In addition, the drone is also widely used in the work of water-saving insulator cleaning, and more flexible and safer.


Innovative studio “drone +” work practice, not only changed power inspection, maintenance mode, overcoming the limitations and dangens of traditional artificial existence, and greatly improved work efficiency and accuracy, achieved Labor intensive toward technology intensive transitions.

On November 24, with the official listing of “High-Cold Region Laboratory Intelligent Inspection Technology”

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