my country’s 10 high heights, 65 degrees two-pot head bottom, see some kinds of drinks

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Drinking is a kind of mood, people have a few more cups together. There are also “old alcohol” for the wine, I like someone, a pot of wine, one disc, so I don’t know my life. Now, there are more and more people who like to drink highly white wine, nor do they pursue famous wine, as long as it is a high wine of pure grains.

Like a rock and roll of heavy metals, the kind of crack-throated feeling, gangxi burning. Let’s take a look at my country’s 10 high heights, 65 degrees two-pot head bottom, see some kinds of drinks:


First, 65 degrees Red Star Erkou

Red star two pot head, alcohol 65 degrees, fragrant white wine.

Two pot head wine is a famous local wine in Beijing, Tianjin-Hebei. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, in order to brew the good wine that can drink it, it has established a red star two pot winery. The original red star two pot head, most of the 65-degree high wine, using the “head to the end” winemaking craft, put the wine, the end, the end of the wine, only to stay the best Two pot head wine, it is called “two pot head.” Most of the market is now 56 degrees of Red Star 2, but many old alcohols still like to drink this 65-degree red star bin, maybe forget that the mellow is thick!

Second, 66 degree set of horses 16 years ago

Set of 16 years aginet, alcohol is 66 degrees, and the fragrance is white wine.


Most of the friends who have not arrived in Inner Mongolia have passed many film and television works, and the guys shocked when they hold the hippic horses. This 66-degree set of horses from Inner Mongolia is also shocking in the sixteen year of the 16th year of Inner Mongolia.

Third, 67 Hengbao Yao Yao Gong

Hengshui old white wine, alcohol is 67 degrees, old white dry fragrant liquor.


Hengshui’s old white ganger is an outstanding representative of old white ganquin, has more than a thousand years of wine culture. As a sorghum as a wine raw material, the deep well water of the ground 500 meters is a wine source, which uses a unique ceramic cylinder fermentation technology. Old white dried wine is a kind of white wine that is particularly liked, I can’t drink it.

Fourth, 68 degree boring


Sleepy wine, alcohol 68 degrees, fragrant white wine.

Most friends who have arrived in Inner Mongolia have seen the dryness of Inner Mongolia, which is the kind of stainless steel cans, which is convenient for people to drink. This is also enough to see the heroic heroes, it is estimated a few beef, a big pot is bored, it is a day’s rations.


Five, 70 degrees Wang Wang enjoys wine

Overlifting drunken wine, alcohol is 70 degrees, and the fragrance is white wine.

Many friends can not think about what they can’t think of. Hubei produce such a high white wine. This 70-degree king is drunk and enjoying wine is an outstanding representative of Hubei high liquor. Take sorghum, barley, peas for wine raw materials, is 70 degrees of rampage, the gentleman, and enjoy it.

Sixth, 72 琊 台 小琅 高

Little small wine, 72 degrees of alcohol, rich in flavor liquor.

In the eyes of many friends, there is not much high wine in Shandong. Most of them like to drink some low white wine. It feels that Shandong people have a little wave, so I want to have a big mistake. I remember the first time I was drinking the Taiwan, or the 71 degree Xiaoleng Plateau pulp wine, I only drank a bite, I felt that I was in the mouth of the stomach, just like being burned. Now, Yu Hao has launched a 72-degree thick-shaped small wine, and each level is high.

7. Hengshui old white ganger 72 degree seal altar


Hengshui old white ganger 72 degree seal altar, alcohol 72 degrees, old white greeted white wine.


This is a collection of treasures launched by the 3rd Hengshui Old White Dry Culture Festival. Adhering to the ancient Chinese brewing ancient law, using segmented cooking skills, ceramics storage. There are 25L, 5L, 1.5L three styles, and the original wine is more suitable for collection.

Eight, 72 degrees Wuliang Liolius slurry

Five grain rampage, alcohol 72 degrees, strong white wine.

This is a great wine in all highly famous wine, a rampage launched by Wuliangye Group. It is the outstanding representative of the strong liquor with sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat, and corn.

Nine, 75 degree sesame white drink

Jingzhi white dried wine, alcohol 75 degrees, sesame seeds.


This wine is a highly white wine launched by Jingzhi Winery, Shandong, which has refreshed people’s awareness of mountainless liquor in Shandong. Jingzhi white wine is an outstanding representative of sesame seed liquor and is also a variety of liquor.

Ten, 76 Hengshui Yongyang River old white

Hengshui Yanyang River old white dried wine, alcohol 76 degrees, old white dry fragrant liquor.

This highly liquor is a special white wine used by Hengshui Fuyang River Wine Co., Ltd., 76 degrees height, nor a person who dares to try it easily. Such a high degree, there is a feeling of dripping.


my country’s 10 high heights, 65 degrees two-pot head countdown, how many doctors have been drinking?

Many friends may be wondering, how do you have no northeast scorpion wine? In the past, the screens used to brew 85 degrees of high scorpions, and drink a bite, it is really like a hot knife. However, it is hard to find this 85-degree scorpion wine now, mostly 60 degrees of burning knife, so I didn’t discharge the singers.

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