45-year-old Shuqi white lace socks beautiful legs! Coated red lips super strong, back to the white skin

Recently, well-known actresses Shu Qi sungped up the latest photographs of sexy magazines on a personal social platform. As an actor, her fashion features are also very fluent. The red elements in the picture are unimpeded with the green background, but they will be very charming Shu Qi, and the side beauty is not square.

It is worth mentioning that Shu Qi is not only a good value. She wore a flying blossoms in the past skirt, showing white lace socks from the high-open skirt, black and white collision is full of beauty, and she is full of grapes and looks away from the distant eyes Also full of emotions, let the entire picture are particularly harmonious.


When Shu Qi worked, I was in the context to go to the situation. When I stayed at home, I will enjoy my leisure time with cats. Not long ago, she took a group of photos of their own face to close the face, and she bought “Boyboy today is good, willing to take my self-portrait.” Holding a cat smiles a bright look looks Shu Qi is also very favorite people.

According to Shu Qi, Shu Qi Su Shi Mirror has no makeup to cover the freckles on his face, and the skin looks not white but but filled with protein skin. Shu Qi looked at his smile, and the whole person was full of gentleness. The kitten next to it is a cold expression looks at the camera.

I saw that Shu Qi was close to the face, and when I was looking forward to the distance from time to time, I seem to be attracted to the distance. The 45-year-old Shu Qi eye has no wrinkles, but the color of the eye week is more obvious, but it does not affect her beauty. But again, Shu Qi’s face has some small sputum, it should be the role of work with makeup.


Shu Qi just said that there is a “sexy goddess”, and her long is not stunning but don’t have a flavor. Shu Qi’s beauty originated from the sprouting gas field and the unique temperament, she just stood there, and people couldn’t move away from the sight. And Shu Qihong is red to today’s reasons and her exquisite acting, she also brought a lot of high quality works for the audience.


Shu Qi has already starred in film and television works in recent years, but no matter when she appears, she will put into the role in her own, showing the best visual experience for the audience, and look forward to Shu Qi to continue to bring you. Suo quality work.

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