Laissance often talks: Does the mobile phone do not have a film, is it a IQ tax?

Do you want the mobile phone to do nothing to have a problem with an older talk. As the most important electronics in life, people’s emphasis on mobile phones have no more words. As mobile screens are getting bigger, more and more gold expensive, the protection screen has become a very important thing in the process of using the mobile phone, mobile phone film also This is like this. In fact, it is not only a mobile phone, almost all screen digital products will have a description of the film, such as smart watch and laptop.

Let’s talk about mobile phone. Does the mobile phone have necessary? I personally think it is very necessary. It should be acknowledged that the screen of the non-film is better than the feeling and feeling. But it is really easy to have scratches, and lack of protective film, the mobile phone screen is indeed easier to fall, compared to a few dollars, the cost of mobile phone screen is too high. Of course, if you are really a sense of screening, you can accept the loss of mobile phone screen injury, then it is another matter.

It is also very simple in the choice of mobile phone protective film. At present, several mobile phones in the market, whether it is a UV film, hydroagulant, an explosion-proof membrane, tempered film, regardless of the seller, essentially two major categories: tempered film and soft film. The protectiveness and light transmittance of the tempered film are far better than the soft film (hydrocoagulant), so if your phone can find a suitable tempered film, do not use a water coagulation film.

The phone relatively special mobile phone is relatively special. Since the screen itself is a surface, the manufacturing difficulty of the steel film is higher, the price is higher, basically dozens of money. And there is also a certain probability that is not fit. So if your phone is a surface, you can consider using a watercuprirated film, but as long as there is a suitable tempered film, I still recommend that you choose the tempered film. The tempered film is resistant to resistance to the peer and touch. The smart watch is also the same, and it is not necessary to stick the film.


Let’s talk about laptops. I think as long as you are not using a particularly complex environment or more dust, the screen film of the notebook is not required. The screen of the laptop and the screen of the mobile phone is still very different. In daily use, we have hardly have a screen of the laptop, and it will not take it everywhere, so the meaning of the film is not big. .

However, the keyboard film is still necessary, on the one hand, the characters on the keycap are not worn, and on the other hand, the water or food residue in daily life can fall into the keyboard.


Finally, I have to say a little, although the film is wearing shell


It is indeed possible to better protect digital products. But want to get the best product experience, bare metal is always the best.


I hope this article can help you.