It’s better than millet induction! Rongda multi-function pot, not sticky, clean, nothing can be cooked

For small partners in the rental house, work is busy every day, usually the fire is less, and the number of times that may be used in the first year.

But because occasionally have friends to visit home, home kitchen products, like a rice cooker, induction cooker, electric cooker, etc., which is fully equipped, accounting for most half of the kitchen.

Although the rice cooker + induction cooker + various pots, this combination can solve most of our daily dining, but when you really make a dish, you will know that the power consuming to wash the pot is much more accomplished.

This is not enough, the pot of the induction cooker will also be deformed for a long time. Whether it is to be vegetable or a hot pot, it is often uniform, causing things that make it easy for half-life or straight, very uncomfortable.


Therefore, for those who live at home or small families, convert the electromagnetic cooker to –

Rongshida Function Electric Pot

It is not the same, it’s, fried, fried, simmered, boiled, stir-fry, and it is convenient, one can solve most of our daily dining.

We know, a lot of cheap electromagnetic furnaces look like a firepower, but use or heat limit, the food is easy to be half-born.

This Rongda multi-function electric hot pot is adopted

Upgrade double circle fever

The biggest feature is

Increase heat


1500W strong firepower


Under the blessing, each ingredient can be uniform, and the fried egg is easy to cover. Usually, you can use it for 3 minutes, scream, fried, fried, simmered, boiled, fried, and enjoy the food.

It is different from the induction cooker. The induction cooker needs to be used in combination with various pots to play, and it is enough to use only a pot, and it is also useless.

Rongsa David Energy Electric Pot In order to do not stick, it is used.

Lotus-type non-stick treatment

It can form a certain tension in the surface of the pot, not only environmentally healthy, but also reached the physical non-stick effect, cooking the good food, natural bionics healthier.

And the coating of the pot is not in general, with

Non-stick coating, high-strength non-slip wear-resistant mineral layer, European standard aluminum gold bob, reinforced mineral particle layer, high temperature non-stick coating

Therefore, it can be cooked for a long time, and the coating is stir-fry, the most important thing can also make the paste, clean, and no hard brush.

I don’t have to worry about the small partner who likes to fight, it has

6L large capacity


2-10 people have more than enough food

Even if you eat more, you can easily deal with it, and you will share it.


High temperature power failure protection

The hot pot is used in the principle of temperature control, and the temperature control is accurate. When the set temperature is reached, the electric hot pot automatically enters the constant temperature energy conservation mode, and the indirect heating maintains the domestic food temperature and helps us save electricity. If you want the food in the pot as soon as possible, the temperature can be adjusted to a high-grade location.

Every time I play a hot pot, the induction cooker used in my home is not long enough. The hand is not hot, the pot cover is used for burns, all kinds of problems have been revealed, and the design of the Rongda Du Du Function Electric Pot in this area is a lot. .


It uses non-extreme temperature warming,

Wide temperature control automatic constant temperature

, Not afraid of uneven temperature; also equipped with a longer case line,

Not subject to socket, not being annoyed

Instructive power outage protection is safer.

I know that everyone is afraid of burns, but also used it.


Good thermal insulation performance


Stable anti-slip protective bracket

Protect us unexpected burns, and the pot cover is not good, it also did


Reline handle

In this way, it is possible to use it more comfortable.

Due to the design of a single pot, I know that many small partners are worried about cleaning, they don’t worry.

Its battery core uses a concealed design,

Turn to oil, water erosion

And have a longer service life; in order to avoid the temperature is too high, it is also used

Thickened aluminum pot bottom

, Not only without fear, it is not easy to stick, but also light

Wash and durable

Ordinary an induction cooker, less saying 199 yuan, plus a better induction cooker special pot, and a set will be 300 yuan, think about it is also a big number.

Telling, with it is not as good as a multi-function electric hot pot,


Only 79 yuan after the coupon

, Equally, fried, fried, simmered, boiled, fried samples, clean and convenient!

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Rongshida Electric Pot Household electric hot pot non-sticking cooking pot Korean multi-function cooking barbecue integrated pot

¥ 149



In addition, it also has a steamed version. Can I eat a hot buns in the morning when I fix it?