“African Devil” Amin: Take a meat to feed the crocodile, the British Queen gives the underwear to yourself

Looking at this scene in front of you, do you think this man is too exaggerated, just eat a piece of meat, why need you get this official, but if he eats people, would you calm down, Sherpha?

He is “the most unmanned tyrant” on the African continent, one of the most inexpensive rulers in modern history. Dictatorship seven years have never been 300,000 people, and they are angry with their wives. He has a metamorphism of the death of people, and once in public, he took the human meat into his mouth. He threw it into the Nile River to feed the crocodile. Finally, the crocodile can’t eat, leading to the nearby hydropower station Thousands of corpses are blocked.

He is still unable to have a day in the international, and it has suggested that the United Nations relocated the headquarters to his own country, and also taught the Queen British queen. Those who want the Queen to feel what is the real man, and even ask the Queen to give my old panties to myself.

What is this in the end? Can you do so many absurd things? How did he ushered in the end?


Today, let’s take a look at the “African Butcher”, president before Uganda –

Idi Amin.

Aming’s childhood is full of tragedy. He was born in a small village in northern Uganda. The household is poor. Later, the father also ruthlessly abandon their mother and son, which caused Amin not only lacking his father, the primary school also read four years. Almost half of illiteracy.

Fortunately, God gave Amin a strong body, and the development of the body reached one meter, with a weight of more than two hundreds of kilograms, and the power is large. Although many people look down on his identity, but don’t dare to speak, who dares to provoke African version of O’Neill?

In 1940, Amin grabbed a chance to change fate.

join the army.


Due to the excellent physical condition, and the courage to die, Aming has been awarded after the participation of the army, and I have been promoted to the sergeant for a few years, but the most fortunate thing is a person. Appreciation –



Obot was the prime minister of Uganda, although he was about one person, but he was a very ambient man. In order to climb the peak of power, he must expand his wings, and Amin is a piece of chess him.

With the help of Amin, Obot smuggled a lot of treasures such as ivory and gold, earned a lot of money, and later they were successfully launched.

Aobot was under the opening of Uganda, and Amin was also promoted as the commander of the Third Army.

At that time, in the eyes of Obott, I was undoubtedly wise, and I got a lot of help, and more cost-effective than this?

But in fact, he was too young to see Amin. If Obot’s ambition is a river, the ambition of the Aming is a wonderful Wang Yang.

One day in 1971, Amin suddenly convened all the people in the army to launch the coup. Only spent ten days, the government of Obott was unfounded, and he became president of the third Uganda.

Although Amin’s online method is not too popular, he just started to be very popular. He kept promoting himself a nationalist and released 55 political prisoners.

He is also very good for the people, choosing a woman who has a different tribe as his wife, and even holds a national burial for the former kings.

. His broad mind and love people are deeply sought after by the people. All the people of Uganda feel good.

However, reality gave them a loud slap in the face. Aming did not only let the national flying Yellow Tengda, but also pushed them into a deep abyss, and Aming opened himself a ridiculous career.

In order to consolidate your power, the first thing in Amin is the first thing to eliminate Obott. Any contact with Obott in the pollion is that even the one of the last name will be sentenced to the sentence, a total of 15,000 people and soldiers have been cruel killed.

Subsequently, AM will order anyone who has threat to yourself.

One day, Amin woke up, and suddenly claimed that God’s dreams gave him, and there must be all Asians in China. The Asian Asians in Uganda were basically Indians at that time.

This group of Indians are good at doing business and monopolizing many industries.


Aming will order them must leave immediately, and can only take 100 dollars, all other full of confident. If someone is not obeying, Amin will send soldiers to rush into Asian residential area.

Therefore, 70,000 Asian people can only run down, and the Indian government has heard that it is broken with Uganda.

In addition to the rich people, Amin also drove some cultural people.


As we mentioned earlier, he is not academically qualifications. Envy those readers can talk about a bunch of ordinary truths, but he is afraid that these intellectuals will encourage the people to overthrow their regimes, so he is expelled all scholars in China. Teachers and writers, then no one dares to laugh at him without culture.

After excluding all of them,

Aming is safely regarding the country as his own playground, making a series of extremely absurd behaviors.

Aming likes to sing, in order to let the whole country heard his moving voice, it will turn the national radio into private FM; Amin also asked the people to only wear sandals, if someone does not defend the rules, put the wrong shoes hard Born to eat; if someone pleasefully, no matter what he is a chef, hydropower or security, etc., can be promoted to the Minister or will school. If someone dares to hear the order from the Amin, even if he is a master of hard work, It will definitely be out of the country, and even life is dangerous.

The most important thing is that the dangers of life in the eyes of Aken are completely different in our eyes. He has an almost metamorphic psychology, likes to get people to death.


According to the top high-rise recall of Uganda, any criminal or Amin’s political enemy will be willing to die as long as it is sent to the prison. They have to be hit by the whip every day until they die. The most cruel is that their bodies will be taken to Hikan, if the crocodile is full, it will be lost in the river.

Finally, because there are too many bodies, nearby hydropower stations are all blocked normally.

Do you think AM is only like this? He fierce, even his wife did not let go.

Achima is a famous sputum, as long as he looks at the woman, no matter what the background of the other, will be caught in the Presidential Palace for Aken. Aming has a total of 13 wives, which is still not disclosed, adding at least three digits.

How do you manage so many women? The method used by Amin is called “killing chicken monkeys.”


There have been several wives to complain that Amin is luxurious, and Amin knows directly to death, and

And put their body on the table warned other families: This is the end of it.

Of course, there will always be a few reports. There have been a wife secretly and the subordinates have taken a relationship.

Even in the face of the people of the whole country, there is a media to interview Amin afterwards, and Aming replied:

The man is too salty, it is not delicious at all.

After this, the people of Uganda shivered, sweating DC. They didn’t dare to have a bitterness of thousands of words, because they were afraid of death, they were more afraid to die in this “president”.

In Amin, you are not only the god of Uganda.

It is also the king of the world, so he is not in the country in China, and it is also a golden sentence in the international.

He has led the world to be centered on Uganda, and those in the West are more integrated with Uganda, and he also asked the United Nations to move the headquarters to the capital of Uganda. I really don’t know where he is coming.


However, his most rare behavior is still a queen of the Turk British. Aming is very loved to Musabe II, and I have said to the Queen to say this: Dear Queen, if you want to know what is the real man, come to Uganda to find me.


After the que heard him, he did not take care of him, but A Mingfish but did not heke himself, but also put forward a more shameless request.

He actually asked the Queen to give himself to himself.

He said that he will sleep every day, so that the two countries can friendly.

I don’t know what the British queen thinks. Anyway, the British people are completely fire, and a few worships in the social platform.

However, Amin is not a stupid person. He knows that he has suffered a lot of ignorant in the country, he also wants to be a famous ancient ancient times. For this reason, he has launched the aggression war against neighboring countries, trying to use victory Come brush your own stains.

But he didn’t think of it, this washing is directly washed, so that Jiangshan is gone.

In October 1978, Amin launched a war against Tanzania with a reason. He thought this was a unilateral laminated, but did not expect Uganda soldiers to have a long skinny, fighting down, so Soon, it was defeated, and the casualties were heavy.

And the worst thing is that the Tanzanian army launched counterattack.

The people of Uganda not only did not resist, but in turn set up a people’s army, they should want to catch Achun.

. Although they didn’t have hope, the Amin’s government was overthrown. He brought four wives, several mistakes, and more than 20 children.

The President of Libya is kindly,

But the madness of Amin is still not changed, and the local police have conflicted, which can only be forced to leave, and finally settle in Saudi Arabia.

On July 18, 2003, Aming left the human world due to multiple organ failure, and the year of the year was 77 years old.

It is undeniable that Amin’s childhood life is miserable. He has a relationship that is unknown in the future, but this is not an excuse of him to kill innocence. Whether it is standing in human or morality, Aming is not a person worthy of respect, so he is also embarrassed as “Africa’s ridiculous president.” His merit is non-weightless judgment, I believe that the people of Uganda are free to judge.

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