TVB male star Tao Daewoo, fire

Recently, I saw a hilarious short video.

The scene is a business performance site.

A middle-aged man wearing black, holding a microphone ready to sing.

I saw him waving his hands.

One of the mouth, make funny expression.

With the prelude, his movements are getting more and more fun.

Before and after your hands.


The face is more exaggerated.


In the pole park, the elderly do the look of rehabilitation exercises.

Who is this man?

Actually the top flow of TVB, Tao Dayu.


What is even more unexpected is that he actually rely on this video, turns red to a hair.

Tao Dayu is also very smart.

Take this wave of heat, frequent interviews in major interviews.

Netizens played him with “big era”.

Give Ding Crab Design Word: “Do you know what I want to throw you downstairs?”

He will praise that netizens have ideas.

He also took the initiative to CUE himself.


I have to sing “reverse the earth” for a while.

I have to apologize with the original singing Liu Dehua.

After a wave of operation, many netizens are not very embarrassed.


I can’t think of it, I like the idols that year, I actually fell to the ugliness.


More people are amazed at the disappearance of Tao Dafu.

What happened to Tao Dawu in these years?


Everything is going on.

Tao Dayu is originally a winner of life.

In the 1990s, he leaps to the top of Zhang Da Yong with the “Criminal Investigation Archive”.

Later, he couldn’t stand up.

In the “vertical and horizontal”, “号 皇” and other Taiwan celebrations, he became a well-deserved platform.

Fans countless.

Also blocked “teacher’s milk killer”.

Figure: “Best Compartment”


The career is proud, Tao Dawu loves people.


Under the introduction of Ouyang Zhenhua, Tao Dandu met Huang Huibao, Hong Kong TVS News Station.


Huang Huimao is very good.

And also Harvard Master.

After the two met, Tao Dawu took Human’s heart with humorous personality.

At that time, the two were improper, and the household was wrong.

Huang Huibao is at the top of the pyramid, but Tao Dawu is not only ordinary, but the career is not colorful, just in the TVB running dragon.

However, Huang Huibao Zhongqing Tao Dawu.

For Tao Daewoo’s star, willing to be invisible girlfriend.

Until 2000, Tao Dayu official declared marriage.

Huang Huibao came to the stage and became “Tao Mrs.”.

After marriage, Tao Dawu’s popularity not only did not slip, but also a representative of “Model Husband”.


He often comes with Huang Huibao to go shopping, eat and travel.

All of them are in Daxiu.


The two also raised a large shepherd dog, named Abao.

However, the more perfect, the more false.

That is early 2007.

Huang Huibao took the initiative to contact Hong Kong a weekly magazine, broke the news and Tao Dawu has been divorced.

The reason is that Tao Daewu is affiliated.

She called himself “a very flower woman destroyed the family.”

It also directly discloses the name of the third party – Miss Hong Kong, when the red actor, Guo Yuni.

Photo: Sohu Entertainment

Huang Huibao’s allegations are not air-cave.

This year, Tao Dawu and Guo Yuni cooperated with “school police out more”.


The two have a lot of emotional play.

In the play, the two kiss realistic.

Outside the drama, the two have been photographed many times.

Huang Huibao’s offense, pushed Tao Dawu to the corner of the wall.

He can only recognize the facts of the divorce.

In his response, I couldn’t find the Ding Point of Huang Huibao apologize.

Just see his partiality to Guo Yini.

He is very tightly explained: divorce is your own problem, involving Guo Yini really embarrassed.

The most worthy of play is that he specially showing that he is single and hanies, it is hard to talk about it.

Such a reply is an unable to state-

I have divorced.

Who can love.

Including Guo Yuni.

When Tao Dayu’s words, Huang Huibao completely died.

She is domineering: I don’t think about him, I don’t want to talk.

When everyone thinks, this divorce event will end this.


Good play just staged.

As the third parties of this incident, Guo Yuni’s attitude is very embarrassed.

At first, she chose to be missing, and even the family will not return.


Tao Dayu’s ruthless + Guo Yuni’s avoidance, completely ignited Huang Huibao’s anger.

She received an interview again.

The exposure of Guo Yuni often wearing a dark SMS to Tao Dawu, such as: “I love you” “You come to me”.

In the face of Huang Huibao’s allegations, Tao Daewu and Guo Yuni are silent.

Until April 1st.

Guo Yuni attended the fashion show and was blocked by a large number of reporters.

She insists that she is not a third party –

There is no short message;


No at home.


The reporter, of course, will not let go.

Directly ask: If there is no problem, do you want to ask if Huang Huibao is clear?

Guo Yixi seconds: there is no such need.

But at that time, Guo Yuni was still very maintained by Tao Dayu.

She said: Don’t stress Tao Da Yu, wedding change is very unhappy, I hope everyone will wait for him.

Tao Daewu’s attitude towards this relationship is even more open.

Every time I accept an interview, he apologized for Guo Yun, apologized.

Almost don’t talk about Huang Huibao.

He even chasing and Guo Yi Ni is developing:

I am a good friend with Guo Yisi, and it is not impossible to develop with her. We are often together now, not as if the paparazzi is so embodied.

And to Huang Huibao, he is very unhappy.

There is a reporter to take it, he tries to repair the marriage by watching the name of the dog.


Tao Dayu hurriedly clarified.

He called himself just went to see the dog, never walked back.

This details also confirmed that he was thoroughly thorough.


He will be mentioned below.

In an instant, the two becomes a traffic.

Tao Dawu is sitting on the title of “Century Standard Men”.

Guo Yi Ni is more smeared is “Fox Ni (Cantonese Harmony Fox)”, fell to her a fox.

But the two seem to be indestructible.


The fierce storm.

They have hugged.

Until July 14, 2007.

The plot actually came again with a 180 degree contrary.

That day, Guo Yuni specially called a strong fan, held a birthday meeting in advance, and the scene was very high.

But the theme of meeting will be –

And Tao Da Yu is clear.

After that, Guo Yunni once again accepted.

The words become more direct, fierce: I don’t need him to care!

the other side.

Tao Dayu seems to be in despair.

The reporter asked and Guo Yuni’s relationship, his preface was not repeated.


Unlike the previous attitude.


What is the break?

It is believed that it is related to TVB snow.

Due to Huang Huibao’s allegations, coupled with the expansion of media scorpion, the shameless behavior of the two was condemned by the whole network.

Refreshing is destroyed to an artist is fatal.


Subsequently, TVB immediately action.

The work of the two was stopped, and the two participating episodes were launched, and the latency was launched.


And the two people’s businesspening, advertising also touched.

Seeing the situation, it is unpacking, and Guo Yun is finally awake.

For the self-insurance, she took the initiative to break the relationship.

But it is too late.

What can’t think of she can’t think of it, this move, actually recruited a bigger bad luck.

At the beginning of 2009.

Yuan Qiong Dan on a radio program, the exposure entertainment industry has “four floods” and gives a very detailed description.

After the show is broadcast, the whole people will guess.

And one of them, actually close to Guo Yuni.


Figure: Entertainment Network

Guo Yunni was in the mud again.

This time, no one dared to say a word for her.

And Tao Dawu is even more dropped in the stone.

In one event, he caught the interviewed journalist and chatting with the big chat.

First, say: I think it is not unexpected.

Refamer, ask the reporter: Do you think it is good? Since everyone feels unexpected, it is normal, and his news is too much.

What is even more shocking is that Tao Dayu’s attitude toward Huang Huibao has also been reversed.

He hinted to have a wishful compound.

Also said: We have always had contact, and it is not a ugly. Feelings must have, and have already sublimated. Wistead, the most important thing is to be happy.


Later, he no longer huddled.

Publicly reported to Huang Huibao: I said that I went to visit her for the name, I didn’t borrow, I am in contact with her.


Huang Huibao is not an ex-wife, but a girlfriend.

See this, my fist is hard.

Have a lot of men who don’t have faces, Tao Dayu is a leader.

“Two sides of three knives” are written by him.

If you want to be with an object of the object, you will try our best, or even if you don’t want to open your wife.

After the abstinence field, it is exhausted and put into the abstine object.

In his eyes, only your own interests are seen.

Whether it is Huang Huibao, or Guo Yi Ni, it is not a person he love.

Because, he only loves yourself.

What is sad is that Huang Huibao still has a love to Tao Daewei.

After the divorce battle started, she lost a smile.

The photo taken, the face is very embarrassed, and the body is obvious.


Even so, she still loves Tao Dayu.

Every interview, she always can’t help but smile.

But one mention Guo Yini, she jumped like it.


Behind this reaction, it is probably that she believes that the small three of the unsatisfied family is alive, and the husband is just a ghost.


Repair the old two people to eat together, shopping, cross the year, and also participated in the family dinner.


Tao Daewei is seamless again.

Jumping from the wife to the lover, and then hide from the lover, almost no lesson.

Fortunately, that is not the last end of Huang Huibao.

August 2008.

She immediately boarded the entertainment head, but the man standing around me, finally not Tao Daewei.


Lost smiles, finally came back.

And the other, Guo Yisi is completely destroyed.

She quits Hong Kong entertainment circles.

Although I tried multiple times, I played some little role, no water flowers.

More sadly, her gathering noise requires a drop, and finally the mother speaks –

As long as it is a normal person.

Later, Guo Yunni wedding.

The object is an unknown martial arts guide for the 18th line.

Even if you flexed the family, the status is so disappeared, she is showing in the marriage, still humble.


She has publicly said:

In case he (husband) has an affair, as long as he doesn’t tell me.

It’s low to get to the dust!

Drinking Tao Daewei.


After the wind wave, not only the forgiveness of Huang Huibao.

After breaking up with Huang Huibao, he quickly ushered in a new relationship, according to the Hong Kong media, or a newspaper woman.

This new girlfriend will be willing to be a contact person.

Ten years, it was exposed.

In the years, Tao Dayu lived really good.

Love moisturizing.


There is no stagnation.


After the red-backed, netizens searched a lot of commercial video of Tao Dayu.

He has been active.

After this full network, his business performance is even more soaring.

There are Hong Kong media said that Tao Dayu’s current price is:

One commercial performance fee of 5 to 100,000 yuan;


The endorsement fee (2 years is calculated) 1 million yuan;


In the last time, Tao Dawu participated in an event. Only only 2 songs were sang, he got 20,000 yuan to pay for 200,000 yuan.


It’s amazing!



When writing this event, a serious problem is in my heart:

Why is the fate of derailed men and women?

Women are derailed, destroyed is the second half.


And what about men? Almost no effect.

Before Tao Daoyu, “I just committed the wrong man’s fault.”

After Tao Dawu, there is a row of Luo Zhixiang who is recovering, and the wife is spurt and dirty, and there are people who don’t take the initiative, do not refuse, and not promise, not responsible.

They swim around a variety of women.

Playing games about love, or even marriage.


Whenever the derailment event occurs, the social punishment will only be a third party.

But is the external situation be a slap in the face?

No one will ask.

Nothing is willing to think about it.


Over time, this gradually became a law.

The ending caused by this law is that women have condemned each other and kill.

What about men in an affair event?

But you can sit on the side, watch a battle like an outsiders. At the end of the battle, stand up and continue to fight younger girls.

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