Hand as a juvenile cloth t-shirt

I feel that there is no way to buy online now … so when you can add the world to peace. The whole person is all Buddha. I bought it sometimes because of the limit of power generation … It’s hard to ship … It is likely to walk because of the epidemic express delivery. I have been very much, I like the hands of online shopping, I hesitate. Whate, no matter what, things are still happy! Fortunately, didn’t you give up?


Anyway, you will enjoy it!

Although there is only one T-shirt with slow progress, it is still very cool. Hahaha. This kind of feeling that doesn’t have to play it is very good.

T-shirt I have already done a lot! It is quite simple. However, the store has a good-looking print, and considering the match ~ I’m great saying! Three may be a small dinosaur, you can love love. The design of splicing is also very interesting. So simple style can also spend a little thought.

Simple T-shirts don’t work, it seems that there is no difference between ordinary money, and if there is a short? I refer to the sleeve, it doesn’t matter, is we not picking up?


Look, it seems that it is not even. This fabric is quite thick. Still I am very ironing! I didn’t put it iron, I was slightly pressed against the edge. The lowest file opened, and didn’t add water, it seems to be ok. If you like the four-four square panels, you can iron with a few times.

The effect of trying is this loose look. In fact, this should be a big body’s clothes, but don’t be called, it feels good to cover your hand. Don’t believe you. If it is not particularly desirable, the four cents can also be put in!


It seems to be a bit irritating, but it is still okay ~ hahaha, wait a full set to draw a big parent-child dress ~ In short, I want to think again!