The pure girl is stylish, the umbilical dress is mixed with shorts, the body is hot, and the body is high.

The street will never lack of beauty, just like the sun will never lack the light.

So, today’s wonderful directly officially started:

The upper body of the strap is umbilical:

Youth, pure and clean little sister, skin snow, wearing a convection, the umbilical dress is really too, sexy is not exposed. The design of the sling is definitely a bright spot style, the contour design reveals the waist lines and shoulder lines sexy sound. It is concerned that it is certain.


The material of the suspender has a certain thickness, the professional sports style, not a light tulle material, so it will be suitable for most people to wear. The cotton fabric has a lot of advantages, breathable sweat skin, soft bumbles are also suitable for sports or usually relax.

Fashion card in the lower body:

This shorts and cowboy shorts have the wonderful work, style, but the material is different. However, the upper body effect that is wrapped can be large. Cowboy shorts is a retro style, and this shorts are more fashionable.


Khaki’s shorts colors belongs to light styles, light-colored clothes that are more biased to people a refreshing and clean impression. With the upper body, the waist and the beautiful body of the legs are displayed at the same time, and it can be said that it is a strong combination. Fashion and soft female temperament, classic match should be like this.


High boots on your feet:


Xiaobian has a big grasp, this beauty must be very excited to love high boots, otherwise it will not dare to wear so hot summer. It is not a general temperament that highlights the high boots in summer. The picture of the street fashion beauty wearing this exposed toe and heel naked summer models, especially if it is a sense of hidden design. The material is of course a thin, light and transparent summer.


If you are not satisfied with yourself, you can make up for it in the boots, this is also a small goal that wears sandals. The feeling of high boots with noble temperament, the gas field is very good, the external feelings are cool and 飒.

Xiaobian believes that this beauty is very dressed in clothing. At the same time with women’s fashionable sexy, the mix of the hat is handsome with a little boys.


The overall shape is absolutely called the goddess temperament, the image of the goddess is too good, wearing a fresh and rare new sense.