Change a method of fishing squid, short fishing rod can also fish, fishing law is also a little more particular …

Fishing the squid with the short-smell fishing rods. In fact, it is not very different from the small sea hunts. It is just a harder, and it is not suitable for a heavier fishing group when thrilling.

Snoory fishing rod fishing, I prefer to slide the fishing method, using buoy as a signal source ratio of jitter is higher, so I tend to hang a buoy when using the fishing rod fishing squid, the short-range fishing rod is also in this way.

Change a method of fishing squid, short fishing rod can also fish, fishing law is also a little more particular ...

There are two ways to catch the scale, one kind of Taiwanese fishing, need to be marked, that is, the weight of the steps and the buoyancy of the buoy is compared, it can be understood as a far version of Taiwan fish. It is worth mentioning that even if the buoyancy buoy is equipped with a large lead, it is not necessary to meet the needs of the far-off. My practice is to pinch a piece of mud wrapped in the water, and the mud will naturally disintegrate. This will not be hindered.

Another way is to use a live pendant, so that the weight of the lead pendant is large, not being limited by the buoy buoyancy, can throw a far distance. However, it should be noted that the inner holes of the steps must be large enough. The smaller the inner bore, the main line slides in the collar, the more inconsistent with the lead pendant you can buy on the market, I usually do it yourself, or you want to increase the inner hole. The inner hole of the step is increased. The main line slides smoothly, so that the signal on the buoy can be expressed from obstacles.



However, my personal experience is the smaller the fishing hook, especially when fishing with a short season. Everyone can think about the hand fishing squid, is it a long, the more convenient to control the fish? The same is true of the rods, and the process is far away. The process of collecting line will be very long, the fish is alive, they will continue to struggle on hook, what should I do if I encounter obstacles?

At this time, in addition to the fish hook on the fish mouth, the other hooks are obstacles. Once the hook of the squid is drilling, there is no doubt, once hook, run fish is not discussed. With a single hook to avoid this situation, the probability of hook is greatly reduced. So, fishing squid with a short-smell fishing rod, I recommend using a single hook.

The details of the fishing people need to pay attention to the length of the subline. Why is Taiwan love? Because the hidden hidden in the long lair is better, this advantage can be transplanted on the fishing group of the nitrium fishing rod, and the sublines associated with the length of the handline will also improve the upper fish.

Change a method of fishing squid, short fishing rod can also fish, fishing law is also a little more particular ...

The row of homework has retained the advantages of the hidden hidden hidden hidden, and it is a fishing method that is worthy of fishing.

In addition, I recommend using a self-contained nest. Fishing in a large waters, what to lure? Only the grain bait on the hook? It’s too difficult, so I have to induce the combination, I think the self-contained fishing method is good. It can avoid the situation of the lord, the neck is a nest, and the disintegration will be dissolved in a short time after entering the water. The role of the neck is here. If the neck is not dissolution, it will be more attractive to the attention of the squid, and the squid is hard to find the bait on the hook. This is inverted; the nest is quickly dissolved and disintegrating, fishing There is only the fondment in the presence of the only entity, and the lucid squid can only be a feeding, and our purpose is also reached.

Since the fishing method, there is a special lantern, and the neck is in the top of the fall, and there is no lantern to fall into the ordinary macropheal.

With regard to the line group, I don’t recommend the use of thick, because the strength of the short-haired fishing rod itself is relatively small, and the fishing wheel can be leaked, so the powerful fishing group on the sea 竿 is not suitable for use in the short-range fishing rod . I recommend the No. 2.5 main line with a subline. This line group is widely applicable. It can use the fisherwheel to catch big fish, but also take care of small fish.

To do more than the above, the short-range fishing rod fishing squid will be entitled.

Change a method of fishing squid, short fishing rod can also fish, fishing law is also a little more particular ...

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