Exhibition skills: 41 skills displayed in clothing stores


What is clothing display?

There are many people think that clothing exhibition is arranged, and they give people to wear clothes, in fact, this is a one-plane understanding of clothing display. Clothing exhibition is covered by marketing, psychology, visual art and other knowledge. Through the product, the window, shelves, models, lighting, music, POP posters, through scientific planning, to promote product sales, enhance brand image. In addition to the solid foundation knowledge, an excellent clothing showcase is also research on the brand style, customer shopping psychology, and product sales. In recent years, domestic marketing communities also refer to the store clothing exhibition as “visual marketing”, and the status of the costume exhibition in the marketing, so you have to learn the display, and the following dry goods are essential.

Second, the skill showing the exhibition

The details are often the key to the success or failure. Here is the 41 kinds of clothing stores that have been summarized, including the most important 4 exhibition methods of the current clothing stores in the current clothing, point, side hanging, stacking.


1. Positive display of the color of the clothing color gradually, from the outside, from the front, by shallowest.

2. Holding the horizontal direction tone is gradually exposed to the perspective of the customer, from the outside field to the inner field, from shallow to a deep.


3. Avoid single-place hi-mounted display, which can be properly equipped to form a fun and selling Lenovo, and display a matching.

4. Similarly, the same series of goods should first plan to be listed in the same display area. The men and women should be clearly defined and the column is notified.

5. In the season, it should be selected to be monitored and should be configured in the same manner.

6. When the clothing is arranged, the size should be in a small to large.


1. After selling the clothes on the clothes, you should replace the point immediately.

2. When you don’t sell it, you can’t sell it for a long time.

3. If some clothes continue to sell well, the inventory is sufficient, and you can keep a little longer, just replace different matching methods to keep your freshness.

4. When the brand has a more proud of the new product, you need to change it.


1. The stacked commodities should be removed from the packaging, thin 4 pieces per stack, and 3 pieces of thickness.

2. The spacing of each stack of clothing remains 10 cm to 13cm.

3. After the folding is folded, the process details and characteristics of the tail bag, waist, ankle, etc. should be displayed.

4. Each stack of clothing needs to be flat, shoulder, stamping, pleated position.

5. Optimistic display height should be between 60 cm ~ 180cm, avoiding a stack display of 60cm or less, especially avoiding the dead angle of the store, a dark corner showing, dark-tier clothing can frequently change the location of the clothing, so as not to avoid unsuckletage .

6. If you are out of stock or a broken color, you can find different styles but the same column and color-close goods are bottomed.

7. The long-width ratio of the upper folding thickness is approximately 1: 1.3.

8. Folding the same color clothing on the layers, from top to the lower size should be large.

9. Five-bags of pants generally fold a pants tube back to 3CM at the knee, which can increase the three-dimensional feeling.

10. After the pants of casual trousers, the trousers should be on a vertical line.

11. Generally, it should be neatted after folding, and there is a marker in front of the chest.

12. With the pattern of the pattern, the pattern should be neatly connected from top to bottom.

13. After the discount, the entire clothing should be organized, and the items such as listing should be hidden in the coating.


14. The stacked apparel should be closely related to related hiped display and poster cooperation.


15. A single stack display that avoids unmarked goods should be considered to be repeatedly linked to the close position.

16. The agglomeration of the stacked color blocks should be based on the customer, and from the outside field, it is shallow to deep.

17. Note that the color block interval, gradient, and comparison (using the rainbow or keys) in each display unit.

18. In the vicinity of the stack area, we should set up all body or half-length models to show the representative styles or display their combined accompanying effects, and configure publicity posters.

Side hanging

1. Each costume should be adjacent to 2 to 3 pieces (different colors and sizes).

2. The pendant should be kept neat, no bundle (need to be burned if necessary), and remove all pins.

3. Button, zipper, belt, etc. should be all in place.


4. Downtable threaded knit clothing, hovering the horn racks must be explored from the lower swing.

5. Question mark Principle: The customer is from the entrance to the hall, and the gap hooks observed from the mainstream viewing angle toward the inner or left.

6. In the same display area, the flip size sequence should be: from the frontward, by the small code to large size; from the outside, from the small code to large size.

7. Each of the same rack and hook is 3 cm.


8. When the set is displayed with a shirt, it is generally hanging in the side of the trousers.

9. When the costume is hung, the distance is not less than 15cm.

10. The lateral position of the side column is close to the area, and the high or semi-high model should be placed in a representative style or combination thereof, and pay attention to the configured publicity poster.

11. The clothes hanging on the hanger should be sorted flat, put away the listing and exposed rope.

12. From left to right, the size should be large from small to large.

13. The right amount of goods should be 2/3 or 3/4 of the horizontal length of the hook hangers.


Bulk to learn knowledge points



Scientific classification method

Most of the types of clothing stores are more, such as men’s clothing, women’s clothing and children’s clothing are sold in a store. At this time, they need to be classified. Like uniqlo, men’s clothing, women’s clothing and children’s wear in three different areas, such as men’s clothing, second floor women’s clothing. ZARA is also classified in such a mode.

Clothing Exhibition Skills – Scientific Classification Law

If the store is relatively small, you can discharge in the order of age. Entering the door can be a children’s wear, the middle is a men’s clothing, the most inside is a woman. After you have determined that the men’s clothing is partitioned, you can arrange according to the price, the left is the medium price, and the right is high-end price. Scientific classification will bring convenience to the customer’s purchase and store management.

2, often transform

The fact that the goods operated in the clothing store, the fashion trend is coming so fast, so every time, the face of the fashion shop should also be new. The window and the water platform should be replaced with the season’s trend, but also in the decoration of the season setting. For example, in the autumn new product, there must be in line with the autumn theme, and do some changes in the exhibition, the arrangement, so that the store is spreading a new face.

Clothing display skills – frequent transformation

3, connected to the convenience

Place the classic items required for the same type of consumption object together, or put the styles that are often matched together. For example, placing a male shirt, suit and a tie, tie clip, etc., put autumn and winter coats, scarves, etc.


Clothing display skills – facilities

4, cycle repeat

Some clothing styles are placed in a certain position too long. Due to the reason for the light, there is also the influence of surrounding clothes, leading to no one to ask. At this time, you can change your clothes to these clothes, replace it to a relatively conspicuous location, it is easy to pay attention. Through the cycle repeat, it is equipped with a new style, and the entire clothing store will give people a new feeling.

Clothing display skills – cyclic repeat

5, wardrobe group legal

In each season, consumer’s wardrobes are all new combinations, various occasions, various uses, and all kinds of style. When the clothing store is combined with goods, you may wish to use the consumer’s psychology and display in a wardrobe combination. The combination can be divided into a single combination, a combination of couple combinations, and three homes.


Clothing display skills – closet group legal

6, decorative reflection method

Do some decoration in the clothing store, can strengthen the artistic theme of clothing products, so that the customer is bright, then leave a deep impression on customers.

For example, children’s clothing store hang some children’s hanging paintings; there are some abstraction paintings in comparison of clothing stores; they can put a bunch of flowers near couples. However, you must not win the lord, the clerk must know what you sell, absolutely not allowing these items to decorate the items into the protagonist.

Clothing display skills – decorative reflection


7, model display

Most consumers are cognitive through the most direct visual effects, so make full use of good models. When the customer sees a beautiful show, it will take itself, wear it in the model. So good-looking, I can wear so good? This is an unable to resist psychology. In fact, it is not only a model to show, the clerk can also act as a model, and this is more convincing for customers.

Clothing Exhibition Tips – Model Exhibition

8, effect application method

The first is the first one as a whole, and this effect is not only formed by the clothing style itself, and many other relevant factors will affect the overall effect.


Play music, illumination light, and video recording, etc. will affect the overall effect, which is related to the mood of customers, and is also related to the taste and credibility of the store. For example, in the clothing store selling personality fashion, there will be some rock music or the current popular electrical, and more elegant fashion stores generally broadcast some lyrical songs. The brightness of the light depends on the adjustment of the clothing store.

Clothing display skills – effect application law

9, plum path tongs

The track path is actually a moving line, can stay the customer in the store in the store, and the setting of the movement is critical. Therefore, the container layout of the clothing store is conducive to the customer’s walking and keep going, giving customers a feeling of victory.

As IKEA, this depth shop, set the motion to the S type and extends inward. This will make customers turn more a few turns, not after entering the store, “a lot,”, turned away. Again, this can also make customers understand more products.

Clothing display skills – curve passing

Of course, the light is learning these or not enough, these are just the most basic knowledge, how to learn more comprehensive knowledge, but still need to deepen systemic learning, but what way to systemic learning is better? .


How to efficient learning clothing display

The answer is very simple, training and practice.

Participate in professional visual marketing courses: learning space design, commodity planning, display color planning, display work practice, window display, display light, apparel match, display manual production, etc. The costume display is not only placed on the window, giving people to wear clothes, more is how to better presen the beauty of the goods, so this requires us to learn! When you have a higher level of cognition for the costume, whether your eyes are still salary, performance will boast high.


Costume display

Clothing Exhibition Skills – Scientific Classification Law