Composite vitamin B tablets 5 yuan 100 pieces, adjust three kinds of health problems, how to eat most effective?

Most people have heard of vitamin B, but 5-piece composite vitamin B tables may have not noticed it, often used to prevent and treat B-vitamin lack of health problems. This article introduces you to the use and precautions of composite vitamin B tablets.

Composite vitamin B tablets contain mainly ingredients: vitamin B1 (3 mg), vitamin B2 (1.5 mg), vitamin B6 (0.2 mg), nicotinamide (vitamin B3) 10 mg, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) calcium 1 mg.

B1 (thioside):

B1 transforms nutrients into energy and plays a crucial role in metabolism. The B1 content of food includes pork, sunflower seeds and wheat germ.


B2 (millet):

B2 converts food to energy and acts as an antioxidant effect. The highest content of B2 includes internal organs, beef and mushrooms.

B3 (niacin):


B3 plays an important role in the production and repair of cellular signal transmission, metabolism, and DNA. Sources of food include chicken, tuna and lentils.

B5 (pantothenic acid):

Like other vitamin B, B5 helps your body get energy from food while also participating in hormones and cholesterol. The liver, fish, yogurt and avocado are all good sources.

B6 (pyridine):

B6 participates in amino acid metabolism, red blood cell production and neurotransmitter production. The highest vitamin B6 content includes beans, salmon and potatoes.

Prevention and treatment of malnutrition caused by the lack of B vitamins

Various vitamin B can be obtained in different foods, most people can get sufficient vitamin B through diet. But for vegan, pregnant women, weight loss, anorexia, appetite, people with a disease (such as cancer, Crohn disease, thyroid dysfunction, long-term alcoholism), including malnutrition Vitamin B is lacking. Special attention is required for a long time to eat for sale, and young people who have taken a few grains need to be lacking vitamin B. The compound vitamin B tablets can supplement the corresponding vitamin B to prevent health problems caused by vitamin B lack.

Prevention and treatment of skin problems such as athlete, bruised skin disease, seborrhee dermatitis


Vitamin B1 lacks disease and called athlete. The lack of vitamin B3 will often make the skin rough and have scales, rough skin diseases (癞 skin disease). When the lack of vitamins B2 and B6, the skin will become greasy and vitamin B6 can assist in treating hyphenilee. Vitamin B2, B5 can help maintain skin and mucosa health. Reasonable use of compound vitamin B-assisted treatment related skin problems, it can play a good effect.


Reduce pressure, soothing mood, relieve anxiety or depression symptoms

Compound vitamin B is not a drug for mental health problems, but it will help improve depression or anxiety symptoms, often used to alleviate stress and soothing mood. Clinical studies have shown that composite vitamin B and other vitamin supplements can reduce stress and soothing, while improving memory. Another study showed that the composite vitamin B tablets can enhance the therapeutic effect when serving the antidepressant drug.

Each vitamin B has a specific daily recommended amount, depending on gender, age, and pregnancy variables. If you take excessive vitamin B, it will lead to some serious side effects, such as B3 excessive may cause vomiting, high blood sugar, red and even liver damage. But this is not dangerous, your body can discharge excess vitamins through urine. Since vitamin B is water-soluble, it is less likely to cause excessive intake due to diet or composite vitamin B doses.

Vitamin B has many important features to health is critical. It is the best way to obtain vitamin B by balanced diet. There is a synergy between various vitamin B families, making it better ways. A common reason for vitamin B deficiency is that intake or absorption is insufficient, often lacking a B-vitamin that is accompanied by other B vitamins. If you need, you can add the corresponding vitamin B by taking the compound vitamin B. If you are not sure, please consult a doctor.