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Joan Dien: Non-fictitious, 1960, Diendian

American contemporary writer Joan Dien published the latest article collection, “Let me tell you what I mean” (

Let me tell you what i mean

This book includes there is a self-propelled article in Diendian’s career. These articles run through Diendian’s entire creation career, once published in “Fashion” “Times Weekly” “New York Times” “嚣” Wait. Almost all English mainstream media have made a review of the book or Dien. They unanimously determine that Dien is one of the highest achievements of contemporary English non-fictitious writing.

Joan Dien

Dien has published three memoirs, two political travel, five novels, seven prose sets, six movie scripts, where her is the most famous work, “Treasure to Belly” (

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

), “White Album” (

The White Album

), “Year of the Singge”

The year of magical thinking

), “Blue night”

Blue Nights

. In all these famous works, the most famous “Trek” to Berley “is a non-fictional collection. Writing in the 1960s, it is also popular in the 1960s. “The Bethleng Skick” is taken from Ye Zhi’s famous poem “The second coming”, “then how to fierce the beast, finally turned to its time, / is tired to Bethlehem to born?” And What Rough Beast, ITS Hour Come Rounds Bethlehem to be born?)

Like Andy Warhol in the 1960s, Dien put himself in the time or period of witness. She exposed to violence, confusion, enthusiasm, hope, and failure to come, she tried to uniform all of this, and more importantly, she found the psychological distance from the world, if there is If there is no cold, a kind of fool is cold. She will see everything, hear everything, but just write down what she can write. In order to present crash and disintegration in the 1960, Dien used a jump and collage, which is related to her state. “I went to San Francisco. I haven’t worked for a few months before this, I have more and more believe that writing is possible, and the world I understand does not exist, I caught a fascinating.” Dien Write in the preamble. In contrast, under its objective narrative, lyrics, hidden in Diden, who hide the Died, and she firmly occupies the core of these stories and records.

The expression of Norman Meille, Hunter S. Thompson, Dienden is still prudent, or hidden, in general, they are integrated, Dien supports media expressing me, doubting to be manufactured. Objectivity, this is why she and the media will maintain a alienation relationship. In 1973, Tom Wolf put Dienna into the “new journalism”, and also included Dulun Gamport, George Principton, Gair Tuse, etc., no doubt She is the best reporter. In the “Aliance and Underground Publishing House” published in the 1968 “Points West” column, Dien claims that he only likes “Wall Street Daily”, “Los Angeles Freedom News”, “Open City” and “Dongcun “Smell”, other media are just the flattening of the flag, and the big shook spreads their prejudice. Dien believes that the objective fiction is killing the media, she advocates direct, interacting expression.

The development of writing, the development of language, and the development of standards have not been in accordance with Diendian’s hopes. In the “insider” of political reports (medium, Dien noticed that democracy gradually got out of the crowd it should serve and serve it. “” “People who manage policies, people who report policies, and people The person who adjusts the policy, the guests of Sunday, media consultants, columnist, topic consultants, and year-old people who build public life narratives can come into contact with it. “More than 50 years later We have thought about this.

Prior to arrival in Los Angeles in 1964, Dien was reading in the English department of the University of California, and she dreamed of living in Manhattan’s top floor apartment with the writer. The abstract expressionism is rising, but Dien is still in The darkness of youth. In the classroom, Dien strives to focus on Hegel or linguistic theory, but these concepts and creative have never captured her heart, she turned to the window and turned to the window, and its petals The way falls on the floor. Specific, tangible things, once again become Diendian thinking and imagine the basic dimension of the world.

“I refer to a good writer, nor a bad writer, but only a writer, a person who spends focused with passion in writing and paper. If I have a matter of money, I will never become a writer. Make me enough luck to master the way of specific entry ideas, I have no reason to write. I am writing is exactly what I am thinking. What I am watching, what I saw, what I mean, I don’t want What is it afraid. “In the alma mater, Dien said again in this place to confirm his writing. In this speech entitled “I Writing”, Dien will write and photography, which is related to the genre, her writing habits, and her before and Hollywood. In the unpleasant narrative, Dien conveyed a belief, writing needs to be more apparent, the appearance of Chen Yu, beyond the chaotic and established order, constructing the world, and the starting point of this is actually inner life. Looking back, this position is extremely important, it is playing an increasingly important role in the contemporary world.

At the age of 20, Dien entered the “Fashion” magazine work, and later cooperated with “Saturday Late Post” “New York Commission”. She came from New York to Los Angeles and returned to New York again. In Los Angeles time, Dien and her husband writer Dunn cooperated to write the script and play a role in the Hollywood World. During the period, the two also adopted the daughter Jinshenna. The bubble of the nephew Griffin Dunn “Joan Dienden: The Center is difficult to maintain” has made a comprehensive display of the life at the time. Obviously, Dien’s script did not achieve success, she just rely on this vision, and her non-emptive creation has also been interrupted, she rarely refers to the concreteity of interruption and loss.

In the Hollywood World, Dien has become diligent, but she is not proficient in this, she has to do this, the ball, the wine party, the private banquet, and Ronald and Nancy Ren, Billy Wilde Stars such as Natalie Wood, Sara Mankique. Dien showed a strong ambition at any level, which is a very important ring of the legitimacy of Dienden writing, lacking it, Diendhen is nothing. Her second novel “Shun Qi”

Play IT As It Lays

) Almost a true portrayal of her Hollywood experience, novels have a lot of false but enough truly plots and setting, irresponsible love, gay, drug, fashion, melancholy. I came to Hollywood, Warhol wrote, the old Hollywood has passed away, and the new Hollywood has not come, Dien is in this huge idle season, she is not lucky enough, she didn’t catch the art of the image, she I have to go back to the non-virtual body that she is good at, looking for her own aid.

This wild and weird era is abundant on August 9, 1969, Dienden is very confident. Charles broke into the home of Roman Polansk, killed the wife Sharon Ti and other four of the Polansky. Like a lot of dreamers, Manson came to Hollywood, but it became cult leaders here, and its color is the love and peace in the 1960s. In 1969, it was said to be the boundary line of the times, it is better to say that Dien’s boundary line. Since then, she not only missed a better non-fiction, but also missed the film of replacement of literature to occupy the core of the whole culture. After the 1970s, Dien’s creation was sunny, but this is not something to consider.

Before I truly put my own black hole, Dien still wrote that she thought of her most important book, novel “democracy”. The novels have fallen by Saigon, which is “430 incident”, which contact Dien’s concern about politics, and she has pushed down in countless times. The story starts from the Pacific nuclear bomb test to end with a comedy. “In 1975, the time is no longer just accelerated, the time has collapsed, and the time will go to the self-destruction, just like a split star is in the dark hole.” Dien wrote in the book. Dien seems to be unable to confirm her famous saying.


On Stories

The solution proposed in, regarding the text as tools and weapons on the page, which is just offset from the aesthetics of the story.

Dien is not a storytelling person, but a visionary person, she is effective while stating the truth, but also defending the world’s polymity. In an interview with Torn Valley, Diden talked about her character. After the brain, through the unmanned wilderness … “Relative, Hilton Alice has a pertinent evaluation, he said,” Dien’s pursuit is the naturalness of expression, this naturalness comes from skills Understand that writers can better describe unmissed, incredible things in daily life. But how did she do it? By writing, by becoming a writer. “If you use Dien’s words,” I don’t want one The fan leads to the world, but wants to go to the world itself. “

As a result, Dien’s work is both atomizance, and there is a Sentimentality. And her favorite writer Hemingway is clear, how is the latter, how will it be emotion in hand. Dien has undertaken the reality, she does not completely jump into the fictional world, no matter how unique in this world, how true, this is why Dien is a reporter rather than other types of authors. Dien was cautiously created in writing, a slightly short daily wonders, similar to the tension between us and love, nothing else.

Two works gave husband Dunn and Daughter Jinsaina – “The Year of the Singge” “Blue Night” once again showed Diendian’s mystery. In the months after the death of the husband, Dien said that he was a way of funeral thinking “like a tender child, as if my idea or the wish to reverse the trend of the story, change the final ending.” Life suddenly changed. Life has changed in that moment. You are sitting down and have dinner, and you are finishing this. Self-pity is the question. “Dien wrote in the” Year of thought. ” Another time, when the reality came with its fierce, Dien summoned her evil angel. As Dien said he said, “I will give my life to write. As a writer, start from the child, when my text is far from the lead word on the paper, my brain has formed. A concept, thinking that the meaning itself is in the rhythm of the words, sentences and paragraphs; I also master a writing skill, hide all my thoughts and beliefs, behind the increasingly penetrated text, my writing The way is my existence, or it has become my existence … In this book, I only have to get more words. “

In the past 50 years, “Dien Hot” has always existed. Readers from all over the world, fascinated by Dien’s cavity, expression, and most important fashion. The hand clip cigarette is dried in the photo of the Chevrolet sports car, which has retains Diendian’s gaze and gives Diendian more gaze. What is more undoubted is that the whole world is less written in the truth, isn’t it, we are increasingly needed and eager to be truth, whether it is subtle, or that is still so flare. Finally, it is inevitable that when we gain the advertisement picture of Mosecin and Dien, we also read the text of this charm in the image. In this world, two things are more and more unified. Have you together.

Maji Ofulo: Son of Shakespeare, the experience of death

A few days ago, the “National Book Critics Circle Award” (National Book Critics Circle Award) announced, the Best Novel Award was “Hamnette” by Maggie O’farrel (


Abstract. Previously, Ofulo had also obtained the “Female Fiction Award” in this.

Maji Ofulo

Olulo has studied English literature in Cambridge University. After graduating, editing and reporters. In 2002, it became a full-time novelist. In 2005, Ofulo was “the distance between us” (

The distance between us


) Obtained the Machi Literature Award. In 2010, Ofulo took “the first time to hold my hand” (

The Hand That First Held Mine

Costa Book Award. This is the first to enter the field of historical novels in Ou Faro. But she inherited past works for love, loss, and eternal attention.

“Hamnett” is a historic novel of Hamnette Shakespeare, William Shakespeare. At the beginning of the novel, a plague coming, Hamnette saw the twin sister / sister Judith’s mass. Suddenly, “a piercing fear hit his (Hamnet) chest rush, and wrapped his heart.” But the death greeted Hamnette, then he just was 11 years old. Hamnet’s death has caused an impact to the entire family. Four years later, Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” was born.

Professor Harvard, Shakespeare Researcher Stephen Greenbra, previously stated in “New York Review”, in the sixteenth century and the early Stratford, Hamnett and Hamley actually one in the late 1977th century. name. Hamnet’s death has prompted Shakespeare to have an irrational and suspicious existence, making him more inclusive, doubtful, doubts, breaking, which eventually triggered new aesthetic and understanding of “Hamlet”. Greenblat believes that through “Hamlet”, Shakespeare’s death in the deepest response, not a common mourning or prayer.

“Hamnette” did not positively mentioned Shakespeare’s name, and used “son”, “father”, “husband”, “family teacher” to refer. Shakespeare is an unknown in the story. At the same time, Olulo consciously ignores Shakespeare’s drama and reputation. She is more interested in the relationship between Shakespeare and family, especially between Shakespeare and wife, and a series of shocks and changes brought by the exclusive children. Shakespeare’s wife is an elderly Yandian Anne Hathawei, known as Agni. The two married on November 28, 1582. 6 months after marriage, the elder girl Susanna was born. Two years later, a pair of dragon phoenix bosheng. When Hamnet died, Shakespeare is in London, and he has already built a tree in the world of drama. Shakespeare has always provided economic support to his family.

The whole story is almost based on women’s eyes, Agni, Susanna, Judith, and other family members, especially the wife Agni. Agni is almost a full role in the entire story. About two or three years ago, Ofulo sat on the ergonomic chair, imagined the plague, and slowly walked into the inner world of this sixteenth century mother. Obviously, people have always had a biased speculation for Agni, and she almost became the rogue of Shakespeare, the witch in the forest, which is not recognized by Eufall. Agni is the core of the European story, in the world of the story, the truthful power, Stratford’s people have a fear and cautious complex mood.

In “Hamnette”, many elements are imaginary, such as the occurrence of plague. Without the information, Hamnedi is dead. Eufaro claims that the fictional plague is derived from the experience of her teenager. Several workers in the Scottish Seaside, several workers of an engineering team suffer from mysterious diseases. People have guess that the black and dead disease in the grave is released, “the whole town has to finish!” However, there is no real black death. The hearts of the young Ofalo have been shocked. For her, the plague may have really happened.

Like Shakespeare or Agni, Oafo also has a son, two daughters. She has been born with the idea of ​​writing “Hamnett”, but until the son is growing with Hamnett, she only wrote. In order to write “Hamnette”, Ofulo has made a lot of investigations and research. She looked over a lot of information and studied the trade, perfume, silk, flea, map, and plague of Elizabeth era. She also went to Stratford to make a field, and asked millions of questions to the guide.

Before this novel, Olulo tried the autobiography type writing. “I am, I am, I am” (

I am, i am, i am

) Recorded the seventeenth life experience of her experience, abortion, children with encephalitis, Ami barsensis, etc. In these seventeenth trepidation experience, there were two major important to Ou Luo. The first time I had an encephalitis in Eufall. After suffering from the brain, she is in bed for more than one year. During this time, she couldn’t zone to zone and dark. Sometimes I can’t see the existing cups, sometimes I saw the spot in which there is no existence. The second is that the daughter suffers from chronic eczema and extreme allergic reactions. Her daughter an average of 12 to 15 times allergic shock average. In order to cope with sudden allergic shock, Olulo often needs to go to and from the family and hospitals, once again, “military exercises”. With such a large life experience, Olulo is close to death again, and returns to the true land again and again. “A sudden experience has changed your life: back from the edge of the cliff, you become smart, and more sad”, Ofulo said in the book.

“I am, I am, I am” is named after the body part, like circulation system, lung, head cover, etc., she will have the most dangerous place in the page, and put a line. At a flight flying to Hong Kong, the plane ride in Eulero suddenly dropped, actually dangerous. Later, Oafo was described in the world.

The most chilling is the chapter of “neck”. The story is, the 18-year-old Oafulo is retired from the hotel. I met a strange man on the road. The man stared at her, and it seems to be waiting for her. Two people met like this. For a certain period of walking together, the man wrapped around the belt on her neck, and Elulo made a duck, which was dissipated. After relieving, the Ou Farlos reported the police, but no fruit. One week later, the probes came to O’Flori to visit, and the original backpacker was killed by a telescope.

When answering the “Guardian” interview, Ofalo said that this book is very simple. She hopes to deliver a belief to the children, arrival death or death is not a curse, in fact, it is very common . With the death experience, it is a wide variety of mental, loneliness, rebellion, fear, in the book, Eufulu anti-repeated returns to life’s position, she reveals, it seems to be explained, regardless of writers It is still as a normal person, we all need to overcome trauma and adapt to the bumps and continue to go. The cost and acquisition are equal, paying the price, and then get it. “Sometimes, a fattest experience will change his life. After coming back from the edge of the cliff, we will become smart and sad,” Ou Faro said.

Olulo has learned to share with abnormalities in illness or life. She also suffered an exotic eating in her early last year, and some letters had no evidence. She had to force himself to understand what is painful, fragile, sad, which spent her very strong, writing helping her. In the time of illness, Olulo turned into an observer. She began to familiarize with the things that we have suffered, and try to give those things that are self-evident in some reasonable explanation. She reads, then she wrote. Ofulo observes people’s behavior in the ward, guessing the fate that may happen. She reads her work and obtains nourishment of literature.

Eufulo is able to write. In an interview with “Daily Telegraph”, Oafo said that writers must write in unconscious vacuum, pretend that this is just for myself. She acknowledged that her work is a psychologist, but she believes that it is meaningless to emphasize this. She refused to speak on social media like J.K. Rowling, and her reason is that the language will cause a lot of harm. “As a writer, you must consider whether you can make a fair narrative. At the same time, you should never guess readers may want something. The best thing you can write is something you can’t write. You must Telling a story that can’t be said, “, Oululo said.

Yudite Sharonski: Book, Domestic

A few days ago, the list of international Bourd awards was announced and the short list was announced, Nagui Wahua, Nana, Extmvis, Maria Schpanova, the snow, especially Dudith Schalansky, etc. Among them, the Sandsky’s finalists are “died” (

Verzeichnis Einiger Verluste


An inventory of losses


Yudite Shaombski

Shangs Based on 1980 in Germany Grevswald, Shara’s Grevezwald, who has studied art history and dissemination, and is now living in Berlin. Starting in 2006, Sharon Ski is a living and design, and the first “I love broken font” (

Fraktur Mon Amour

) Wait a lot of design awards. Sharonsi personally designs books and won the design award. Bestseller “Island Book”

Atlas Der Abgelenen Inseln

) And growth novel “neck of giraffe” (


The first prize of the “German Book Award” issued by the German Publishing Foundation, “Island Book” also won the 2011 “Federal Republic of Germany” and 2011 “Red Point Design Award”, its Chinese version Published and widely praised Chinese readers in 2013. Since 2013, Sharon Ski has served as the editor of the “Nature Class” of the Boutique Natural Science Series series.

The “Endless Record” recorded 12 disappeared things in human history, with Friedrich’s paintings, Saifu’s poems, encyclopedia in Western Northern Valley. “Just like a island group, you can adventure, but it is best to walk into the rehabilitation, and this is the best reason for reading before going to bed, just as I constantly turned on and my wife, it is best. It is your dream that can be ejected from. “


“Ending” is a book that cannot be completed, and it is necessary to talk. Because the dying is unable to be fully included. “I remember a movie, where there is a personal woman, standing in the circumstances of the forest, as if all life and all wonderful have passed through these moments. You know, all the people are unlimited, All infinity. “Ending” will inevitably push this point: it is unlimited, it is thin. When we talk about unlimited, most are talking about some kind in perception, outside the time and space The spirit. “Jako Leo Paldi made a simple expression in” unlimited “poems: the poet overlook the infinite space outside the fence,” the silence of the world “, he felt incomparable Anning, grass and wind blowing a vibrant music, “The season of passed away, / passed away,” he jumped into an endless world with his imagination. He said with a fantasy, “in this Sinking in an unlimited ocean / how sweet. “Poetry is always more than what we expected. The less than a little bit is called an encyclopedia, such as Rarus Encyclopedia. “The” Endless Record “describes a shocking encyclopedia, which is from the hands of Amand Shurtes. It is the chestnut grove on the 18 hectares of Land in Western Northern Valley, where people are suspended Knowledge brand and homemade books, including extract, list, form, contact information, human knowledge is here. This is a wonderful innovation, it makes human knowledge back to nature, and grows with a long time, corruption Stack of treasures, there is a sea, metaphysics, in the broken sky, reflecting the light on the filament and cardboard. This is the same, it is so reborn, it takes out the chaos and endless world, and Make a universe in your own world.

Books are the theme of “Ending”. Welcomberto Ako will write, Shala paper, Biblos, “Plant Memory” in 1991, “Plant Memory”, “It is attached to our designated memory, and it is attached to itself. The fragrance of ‘Physical Memory’, the book’s own story. “As revealed by the” Sand Book “, books are the best Utopia space that humans can imagine, and books are constantly being imagined and sensory. The activation becomes vibrant, enough to make the time failure. Yudite Sharon is more concerned about the design of books. It is said that she pays attention to the form of content, her “island book” and “died” present a good process, texture . “Island Book” is simply a diverse paper stereo sculpture, “Division”, more takes care of its internal and paper planes, such as each of its chapters / digests in a space of printing. And on the black and black spots, in the book space with soil and historical, what you will find and memories?

The degeneration is the theme of “Ending”. Tuaniki, Rihai Tiger, Rijick’s Unicorn, Sachei Villa, Blue House Boy, Savi’s Love Poetry, Von Bell Palace, Moni, Grevswarde Encyclopedia, Republic Palace, Nijao’s moon. Sharon Sky chose the 12 pieces from the 1000-duty list. This 12 pieces of degeneration are not just the degeneration, they are languages, or through the language expressing their own language, just as Zelan said in the Laidi German Literary Awards, “I believe in all things, I believe that only The same is close, tentacles, this is the language. “Due to the poem, it becomes particularly important after Provence, the romanticism has been rendered, and modernist has been inherited. The language that is forwarded from the language is the lost space that the living person and the living poetry illusion. “Every generation living in the earth is the future, and it is more exactly the part of the future of the passers-by, especially It is a part of the future of the poet “,” this space is not silent, but it is respected and waited.

The Sharon Schiki has another reason for the admission and writing of the degeneration, which is the disappearance of Dongde. According to her, “almost all overnight, everything has changed, including borders, currency, slogans, monuments and street names, and a person’s resume is divided into ‘and’ after this period. ‘. “Her whole childhood is being abandoned in fear, afraid of past and absence. It is just that the life of death is, but it is the life of the strong side branch on the trunk. It is like the poems of Warzhua. The grass is bright, the flowers are fragrant, and should not be sad, to draw the power of the remaining. “

Based on the love of the degeneration, Shaombi creates the “died” into a private file and a mixture of historical files. She always tries to make some amendment and mediation between themselves and the object, all books. The style is also swinging between memoirs, travels, biography stories, etc., softly undertaken all. In the chapter of Feng Bell Palace, she reproduces her childhood past, accurately said it is a dream palace. Due to memories of lyrics and fables, and its shuttle and fishing are real and fictitious, growing and fetal death, and the only subject has created a lot of illusions, the story is so beautiful. Let’s take a look at her first memory, she jumps out of the window, but this is a question is also an answer. She almost doesn’t know that it is true, this is the wonderful place of these memories. These memories are like a sweet and unreasonable life. It exists when we call, it becomes a poem. When we continue to summon, it is nothing more than time secrets, this is our handling The secret of the body, the ruins, this is the secret of writing. This is not the Madlena little cake, which is a Madlena small cake.

The writing is a mourning, which is a resurrection given to the extent. Take a look at Savo’s love poem and Moni chain experience. After Sa Fu killed three hundred years later, her Lyrik was organized by Alexanderian scholars into eight volumes or nine rolls of Shaped, and now there is only a complete poem, or because of rhetoric Harry Kanasos Di Godius in its “papers layout” quoted. Safu’s poetry is scattered on the pottery, sheepskin paper, the hardboard, they are inherited by the literary practitioners, philosophers, poets, they are lost, erotic, tearing, become wrinkled, debris, alone syllable, their Blank, gap, vulnerable to filling, interpretation, deciphering. They only have less than 600 rows, about 7% of the initial. Moni is a gorgeous process. “Whoever has these books, no longer need temples or churches, its lights, parchment, gem cover, embossed, cinnabar striped, all in explaining” It itself is the meaning of converting, wisdom, and prayers. ” It has come to 1929, flowing through the teenager, antique merchants, and finally seeking the day, along with Monita, and the secret. In the tags did not fall behind, the rescued script announced that the name of each scripture, announced the name of the book, and declared all the best, so that the book was written by the name of the employee, the name of the author and the name of the punctuation. “

On October 14, 1975, Carlvino’s letter to San Guineti mentioned that “Every way to restore justice, correct mistakes, and save hard, and usually behave as an ideal order belonging to the past; It is our memory that has lost the past, so that we are confident that the future is worth it. “Shangski used a moon to reverse this paragraph. He completed the commitment to “crazy Roland”. On the moon, he saw the shocking mountains and faces seen on the earth. “Aristucks is eye-catching, and the wet sea rises from the clearness of the mid, Gri Midi is a piece of gray, however He caught in bitterness and could not escape. He was stopped by the moon in a state where it could not be rot and not looped.

In today’s era, our memory is the colonization, just like radio, telephone and internet, our own inside constitute a self-contained network, but it eventually let us fall into sadness, we are placed Among a moon, it tries to stop us from being facing death and memory, because we bring them themselves, we can’t master them. Shaombski provides us with a powerful solution: facing history, in the storm in history, is solid and desperate, just like this new angel of Ben Jianmin.

Responsible editor: 继 贤

Authority: Shi Wei