Horizontal 8 true wireless headphones, will we buy headphones in mobile phone?

Now, if you want to start a new headset, you will consider the acoustic classics of the traditional headphones of Sennheisel, Iron Triangle, Baiya, or the true wireless headset launched by major mobile phone brands?

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

Review the digital products released in recent years, the headphones should be the largest product species in this. In the consumer field, the headphones not only happened to the head brand, but also experienced from wired to wireless.

The entry of mobile phone manufacturers completely changed the headset market, and the true wireless headset represented by AirPods defeated historical accumulation and technological precipitation of traditional headphones for decades with absolute convenience.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

In addition to the convenience of non-bound, the mobile phone manufacturers join some unique linkage features for mobile phones and headphones, then the problem is coming, is it necessary to buy headphones in this mobile phone?

Just the editorial department almost settled the new product issued by the mainstream mobile phone brand, we have experienced them with the brand mobile phones and other brands, and see if these “ecological linkage” can make us use it. not open.

AirPods is still the best audio partner for iPhone

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

At the publisher of the iPhone 7, Schiller explained why Apple had to cancel the 3.5mm headset interface, he broke out the cause of the word – courage. Schiller further explained that in order to push the audio progress hug digital audio, we need to get rid of the analog audio technology in the old age.

Indeed, cut off a general interface in the world, and launch a Bluetooth headset priced at $ 159, Apple does need a great courage.

The birth of AirPods is full of controversy, and now I will review this “courage”, you have to admit it. Since the birth of the AirPods series, it has always been the best audio partners such as Apple Equipment such as iPhone, and is still evolving.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

There are many people ridiculed AirPods to cut off the line of EarPods, which is actually a very high award from AirPods, which means that wireless connectivity is finally as convenient to be connected and even more convenient than wired.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

Image from: B station UP master @ teacher, my classmate

Open the airpods, the iPhone will pop up the pop-up window, the connection state of the headset, the amount of electricity appears in the form of cards, no need for Bluetooth settings, etc., click the connection to wear songs.

Separate the headset, then wear the headset to continue play, cooperate with the double-click action gesture, AirPods brings a naturally available wireless experience with very low learning costs, this product logic almost became all true wireless headphones learning Object.

And when you have multiple Apple devices such as Mac, iPad, AirPods can freely switch on different devices when logging in to the same account, where to do sound, where there is a sound.

AirPods PRO and AirPods Max also support the head tracking space audio technology, allowing you to move your head.

At the WWDC conference just passed, Apple also announced that it would add beamforming dialogue enhancements and call environment noise reduction functions for AirPods, by calculating audio quality when the audio improves the call.

AirPods Pro and AirPods Max also joined Apple’s Find My feature, if you accidentally lost, the ear has sent a Bluetooth signal appearing on the map, helping you find.

It is important to emphasize that all the above features is that you need an Apple device. The soft combination between Apple’s ecology is like a towering wall, which is resistant to the competition of the opponent, but also makes the users of other platforms.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

AirPods is still an iPhone’s best audio partner. For iPhone users, you can replace AirPods, and you should only update the AIRPODS.

Can I “1 + 1> 2” between different brands?

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

Huawei Freebuds 4

Huawei FreeBUDS series should be a key attention to many Huawei users when picking up headphones, many friends are curious about their own Huawei mobile phone and FreeBUDS without some different chemical reactions.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

I used FreeBuds 4 with Mate 40 Pro to upgrade to Harmony OS, I did find some Huawei ecological features after a period of time.

The first is the initial adaptation, no need to press any button on the headset, you only need to turn the headphones close to the cover, you can automatically identify the pop-up pop-up.

Freebuds 4 The first-connection pop-up window movement should be one of the most interesting pairing exercises: round freebuds 4 slowly rolled into the screen center from the edge of the screen, and then open the cover bullets and headphones, prompting pairing.

After the pairing is successful, the decline can enter the Bluetooth menu, you can set the headset, such as enable noise reduction, adjust the sound quality, find the headset, and firmware update.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

One interesting small function is that when you have near flights and trip messages, the ear has smartly broadcast out to remind you not to miss the itinerary.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

Entering the Wisdom Life App, which can operate in the app in the settings, and you can use more features.

For example, my favorite dual audio connection feature, FreeBUDS 4 can remember 4 devices, and can connect 2 devices at the same time, so when using computers and mobile phones, read the video with the computer, then listen to the voice of the phone. Information, switching headphones without frequent.

If Freebuds 4 is used with other brands of mobile phones, how much discount will be played?

After testing, I found that after installing a wisdom life app, in addition to the connection without a good-looking pop-up animation and intelligent voice broadcast function, other functions including dual equipment connection have been reserved, gesture control, noise reduction settings are also available.

Huawei said that freebuds 4 can be more linkage features with the Harmony OS ecology in subsequent updates, such as audio flows such as smart screen, tablet and other devices, and believe that the importance of this ecological linkage function will be more obvious.

Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro

The flipbuds pro of Xiaomi is a flagship product of Xiaomi’s current wireless headset series, which has a considerable performance in the same price in noise reduction and sound quality.

However, we have found that the linkage function of Flipbuds Pro and Xiaomi mobile phones is still relatively small.

The first is the pop-up function when connecting the headset, which should be the same as an ecological pairing.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

FLIPBUDS Pro supports audio sharing, you can use two headphones to listen to songs simultaneously, and currently support some models such as Xiaomi 11 Series.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

As for other functions, such as adjustments such as noise reduction modes, gesture operations, etc., can be set by Xiaoai classmates.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

That is, Xiaomi has not yet formed a powerful headset ecology “kidnapping” user, if you are connected to other mobile phones, you can experience most of the features except for connecting pop-up and audio sharing, premise You need to endure and don’t use the little love classmate app.

Vivo TWS 2

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

Different from the top two headphones, Vivo TWS 2 matches the VIVO or iQOO mobile phone experience.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

This is because Vivo TWS 2 uses Vivo’s DEEP-HD ultra-clear audio engine to provide more codec information and larger audio transmission bandwidth.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

According to Vivo, the DEEP-HD ultra-clear audio engine only supports the Vivo and Iqoo models of Qualcomm 888 platform, and other models of mobile phones are not supported.

Vivo also launched a DEEPX 2.0 sound, you can adjust the three sound effects of “overweight bass” and “clear treble” in the headset setting.

If you use Vivo TWS 2 with other brands of mobile phones, then these sound quality will not be well supported, which may be a problem that needs to be considered before the purchase.


横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

OPPO’s true wireless headset Enco X is probably one of the most friendly headphones of other brands, because through installation dedicated connection APP “Law”, you can implement ENCO X other mobile phones in addition to all functions other than pop-ups.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

Enco X is a product of OPPO and acoustic large factory. Dan Tel is not only involved in ENCO X, but also for it two Dan Pain: “It’s simple” and “warm and soft”, When you connect the OPPO phone with Enco X, you can choose the exclusive sound effect in the Bluetooth settings.

Interestingly, Danshine sound is not an OPPO ecological exclusive function. Through Law App, you can also enable Dan’s sound in other manufacturers’ mobile phones, not only, like gesture control, noise reduction control, firmware upgrade and other functions Can be found in the Law App.

And the function of pure reputation APP is much smaller than the other brands of hundreds of MB, the volume is much smaller, and the experience will feel more quickly.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

Is it necessary to buy the same ecological headset?

The true wireless earphones launched by several mainstream mobile phone brands, “Buying the phone is a headset” is not a can’t break the iron. In addition to AirPods and iPhone, other manufacturers’ headphones do not seem to put their own The headset is a special feature bundle with the phone.

For example, freebuds, Flipbuds Pro can be implemented between different brands of mobile phones, computers, and tablets, and Dan’s sound effects like Enco X can also be called in other mobile phones.

However, there are some basic experiences such as noise reduction, intelligent identification, and some basic experiences such as gesture control, and the headphones of each brand can be used normally after being separated from their own ecology.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

Therefore, for the user of the Android camp, there is no connection pop-up window moving may be the biggest functional difference with the ecological headset. If you don’t care about each connection, you don’t have to limit your choice to the current Mobile phone brand ecology.

For Apple Eco-users, there is currently no earphone comparable to the AirPods connection experience. This is because of smart life, Xiai Ai classmates, Law Law and other headphones have more or less functional missing, use The experience is worse.

So problem, Android users need to consider AirPods?

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

In the past, AirPods was almost the only choice for the IOS and Android camps. Even if AirPods have a lot of functionality on Android, it still pays the Android users with fashionable appearance and excellent base experience. The market share of AirPods has always accounted for more than 50% before 2019.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

However, with the continuous improvement of products such as ENCO, FreeBUDS, it has gradually caught AirPods in the basic experience. AirPods has no uniqueness for Android users, and the enthusiasm of buying is not as good as before.

According to the latest market report in CounterPoint, as the market of the true wireless headset grows, the leading advantage of AirPods is shrinking.

横评 5 款真无线耳机,我们有必要顺着手机品牌买耳机吗?

So, if you are aesthetic in the design of your true wireless headset, then you can put down your brand ecological linkage, you can rest assured.