Fusion of excellence crawler excavator real training evaluation simulator

Fusion of excellence track-type excavator real training assessment simulator – Jiangsu Integrated Technology Co., Ltd. excavator 3D simulation operation training tutorial includes the following ten content:

First, digging the earth: the excavator digs soil from the excavation area, then pour it into the designated position until the red progress bar is filled, pay attention to the position of the excavation of the ground cannot be reversed.

Second, dig the daffitial ditch: According to the white line, dig the daytime ditch, pay attention to the depth of the grooves not too small.

Third, upside down: Control the downhill on the excavator, change the excavator action according to the prompt, pay attention to the bucket from the ground.

Fourth, find the flat: The operation excavator will push or scrape the unlatted plots, and the bucket should be vertical from the ground during operation.


V. Broken hammer: destroy the housing and big stone with broken hammer, and the operation is used to punge the object with a broken hammer.

Sixth, digging soil: digging soil in the excavation area, then filled with trucks, can’t touch the truck body during the operation, and when charting toward the truck, the bucket position cannot be too high.


7. Upper and lower board: Operate the excavator according to the prompt, complete the upper and lower board. Eight, avoid the obstacle: avoid obstacles, reach the end, and drive the obstacle, and the travel route should be within the region of the obstacle, otherwise it will be deemed to fail.

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