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Hello everyone, I am a ring, focus on sharing the game experience and the lingering ring!

The integrated strategic gameplay is also called the pigeon pattern, which is a very challenging gameplay in the “Ming Sunfang”. There are a lot of collectors in this game waiting for the players to unlock. Every collection has its unique effects and usage. If you match the corresponding business, you can make your combat power more on a step. The ring is believed to have a lot of interesting matchs, such as proliferation of the hand + the combination of the cloker is really strong.

明日方舟 肉鸽玩法里的两双舞鞋的使用方法你掌握到精髓了吗?

The two collections of these two collections today may say today may not use a lot of us, they are white dance shoes and dark dance shoes. White dance shoes have been a dancer of Usas, which allows players to deploy Gaotai officers on the ground.

明日方舟 肉鸽玩法里的两双舞鞋的使用方法你掌握到精髓了吗?

With the help of white dance shoes, I can put my invincible little fire dragon, all over the place is her happiness. The use of this collection is still quite big, you can put your high platform in the ground, it is fun.

In contrast, a lot of players don’t understand its use, and there is a player to talk: “You can’t be the same as your sister white dance shoes? Is it useful, in addition to the help and milk shields? “In fact, this collection is also effective, and it is also very suitable to give the silver ash and tribuncture.

明日方舟 肉鸽玩法里的两双舞鞋的使用方法你掌握到精髓了吗?

For example, put a tribuncture on this corner of the picture below, the plane throws a bomb, it is, it is easy to use. Maybe many players don’t know how to have a high platform in this location, even if you know it, don’t know where it is in, after all, this location puts a distance, it is easy to be bombed by Master and bomb, players more or This location lost milk to eat bombs, after dark dance shoes, put a rattle is also a good choice. In addition, the Usace’s desire is the plane under the whiteness of the silver ashes, and the shadow can be 42 directly to the high platform to the storm.

Let’s see what kind of players are there:

明日方舟 肉鸽玩法里的两双舞鞋的使用方法你掌握到精髓了吗?

Player A: I put a walk away, I didn’t make me bad in half a day!

Player B: Feather pen can put the toll.

Players C: For example, the high platform is close to the fight against attack, then, such as radioactive dust, the uppermost row can be placed in the output ground servant (such as red and cut off the buffer), and it is quite a big place.

Player D: You can let Taojin Niang stand in a safer location.

明日方舟 肉鸽玩法里的两双舞鞋的使用方法你掌握到精髓了吗?

Player E: I didn’t have a good sniper, and the rattle throws the high platform and the attack speed buff, playing that is a cool.

In addition to these two collections, do you still share the unique experience?

明日方舟 肉鸽玩法里的两双舞鞋的使用方法你掌握到精髓了吗?

Do you think this game is fun? What I want to say, I like it to a message, pay attention to the causing!

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