Cross the Wrangtong Field “Know China” breakthrough limit

On August 18, the 2017 “Know China • Silk Road” (Zhang Wei) Global Business School Wisdom Elite Challenge High strength “Second Day”.

穿越牧马疆场 “行知中国”突破极限

Tsinghua EMBA 17E, a classmate, a classmate, I feeled to the reporter. When I passed through the grassland, crossed the hills, the magnificent geographical style was expanded in front of the model, “I first thought of how can I better protect this fragile The ecology allows us to leave this history and memories while enjoying the economic high-speed development dividend. “


The Shan Danjun horse is built in the military horse farm in the Western Han Dynasty during the 121st BC. It is the largest military horse field in the world. The most shortcoming is the history, heavy and feelings.

“Mastiff” is a topic of the top theme in the three-day curriculum. At the end of the first day, the students start from the kiln slop, the way the Major Beach, eventually arrived in Ziyang Camp, driving 26.5 kilometers, with an altitude of 335 meters.

If you are sideways on the Mushan Mountain, the plateau climbing is not given up, and the mountain Danjun’s horse has made students feel exhausted and more precious, how much persistence after breaking the limit.

The last few hundred meters, not like this number is so simple, the students can feel that there is no top fatigue from all sides, and the cooling of the whistling mountain wind blowing is not asked. But there is no exception, walk through the end, the relief of the students is most moving.

A Wu surnamed of Tsinghua EMBA 16D is one of the competition members who rushed to the end. He frankly to the reporter. In the run, he will imagine that he returned to the age of Jin Ge, the old age, in the vast The grass is on the grass, and the sand field is galloped. “We have experienced the hardships of the fight, and also feel the power of the same boat, I am fighting for the class for the class.”

穿越牧马疆场 “行知中国”突破极限

Knowing a teacher, Q & A

The way in combination with the lecture hall of outdoor intelligence and the camp is “a big feature of” knowing China “.

Director of the International Relations Department of Tsinghua University Social Sciences, Director of Economic Diplomatic Research Center, He Maochun, the State Council, in the evening of the 18th, answered the three confuses of current international relations and domestic political situation, “past history Thousands of Wanxu, what is essent? The world is a big event, what is the mainstream? The future trend is the horizontal flow, what is the direction of the “Silk Road spirit and all the latest development reports”. In the view of He Maochun, walking and thinking about answering questions are very helpful.

Dean of the Hao Da Life Research Institute, professor Fei Yong frankly in the classroom, someone is very important, but the most important is to find yourself.

There is no doubt that the second day of the course, the physiological fatigue of the students continued to accumulate, but the team spiritual condense let the students break through the self, realizing the exchange and feelings in walking, growing and sublining in the feelings Not just a slogan.

Upstream News Special Reporter China National Geographic Journalist Li Ning