The camera sneaked behind the black grayness, and the police found someone to install it to the hotel and massage.

Recently, South Korea “N-room incident” has received much attention. According to CCTV reported that the main criminal suspect Zhao Chi Bin (transliteration) was transferred to the prosecution review of March 25, which opened a chat room using instant messaging software to share illegal shooting videos and photos.

Illegal shooting, propagation private video is again concerned. Nandu reporters learned that behind the camera sneak shot, hidden an illegal installation camera, upload, sharing, and trading private video black industry chain. At present, all kinds of miniature, camouflage cameras can also be easily purchased on the Internet. The privacy video of a large number of cameras is still selling in the network, and some people call the camera App Account password.

Network sales micro camera, daily necessities can be transformed to install pinhole camera


Various hidden miniature cameras make people can’t prevent it. Recently, Nandu reporters learned that in an e-commerce platform search keyword “pinhole camera” “camera sneak shot” “micro camera” and other content are shielded, but the keyword is replaced with “camera” “camera household pack” Pen camera “, etc., you can find a variety of micro-camera, the lens has a diameter of 1.4 cm, 3.2 cm, 5.9 cm.

The multi-camera introduction shows that “HD Recording Video” “Night Vision does not see the infrared” “Night Vision does not shine” “Silent shooting” “remote monitoring” “human sensing automatic opening” and so on. In the buyer of multiple products, many users leaving the camera shooting screen, there are many photographic lenses to target private accommodation, within the office, public stairwells and more. There is a user’s message, “It is not obvious” “.”

Compared to micro-camera, various modified pinhole cameras often hide deeper.

On January 8, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department notified the national combat illegal production of Guangdong police in the press conference.

It is reported that the black agricultural crime chain is mainly composed of APP development, hardware production and agents. The APP development is responsible for providing control-end software development and server construction for pinhole cameras. Hardware production is responsible for producing pinhole camera headers and assembling their watches, charging treasures, lighters, etc. Workload underline sales.

During the investigation process, the police found that many criminals purchased such pinhole cameras, installed in party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, hotels, massage venues, unit dormitory, resident families, etc.

Hundreds of dollars sell camera software account,


Back hidden transaction privacy video black industry chain

Behind all kinds of camcords with hidden sex, it is a black industry chain that is illegally installed, uploaded, shared, and selling private video. It is understood that users can see the screen in the camera through the app and the camera, and many people directly sell “Boutique Family, Hotel” video in the network channel, claiming to view the real-time content in the camera permanently.

Currently, there are still many sellers that sell the camera App Account ID on the Internet.


Search for “camera” in the network paste, you can still find the online posts of the public selling camera App account password. The post contains “boutique bed” “knowledgeable private”.

A seller for a sale camera APP account password says that 100 household camera APP account passwords sell 50 yuan, 1 hotel camera App account password is sold for 150 yuan. As for why the two types of account prices are different, the seller explains that the family camera “sweeping the platform can sweep hundreds”, but the hotel’s camera “is installed”, the content “I can think about it.”

Another seller also said that he can spend 10 yuan to purchase two “home ID”. It is said that the account is real-time.

It is understood that the above-mentioned seller’s “sweeping software” can be used to crack the camera’s account password, through such software, the buyer can crack a large number of camera IDs and watch.

Nandu reporters noted that the “Sweeping Software” called “Sweeping Software” also sold on the Internet. A seller selling this class crack software says that the software is priced at 240 yuan, home, bathing center and other camera IDs can be solved.

In addition to the sale of the trading camera app account password, there are netizens posted a shared camera App account password, some netizens have shown that “there is a boutique bed, private chat”.

Zhao Yingli, a researcher, a researcher of the Intellectual Property Studies Center of China University of Political Science and Law, has reminded that the sneak shooting behavior should be used to consider from the sneak shooting behavior itself and the video of the video is used to consider, the former is the “Public Security Management Punishment Law”, but if the sneak shoot There are other behaviors, which may constitute criminal offenses and pursue sneakators’ criminal responsibility.

Written: Southern Reporter