Women’s Women, “Smell Economy” will be the next type?

Wen 丨 consumption

“You may forget her look, what she said, but you can’t forget the feeling that she brings you.”

In the movie “Women”, the veteran ‘s historical History is blind, but the sense of olfactory is unusually sensitive. At the ball, it can rely on the various characteristics of women’s fragrance to identify women.

Perfume can express women’s unique aesthetic and selection, so a high-quality perfume is one of the important tools expressing personality.

01, “Smell Economy” will be the next type?

According to Ai Rui consulting data, the 2019 global perfume market is approximately 39.6 billion yuan, of which my country’s perfume market is only 2.5%, and it is expected to reach 12.57 billion in 2020.


In the overall use rate of perfume, Europe and the United States is as high as 98%, China is about 3%, even in the most developed Northern Guangxiande, the perfume usage is less than 10%.

Perfume products belong to the top of the pyramid of the cosmetic field, with a cosmetic, personal skin care, daily decline in perfume.

Therefore, the perfume probability will experience the development path of make-up: exclusion, contact, accept, chase.

At present, China’s perfume consumers are less than 20 million, and the guest bill is between 500 yuan to 800 yuan.

In the early years, most consumers prefer Europe and the United States big cards, the perfume market is also dominated by large-cards such as Zuma, and freshly seeing Chinese brands.

But with the rise of new consumption, the national tide brand is endless, and you will have a young consumer mind.

The smell library has a deep cultivation of perfume in more than ten years. From the beginning agency imported perfume brand to independent research and development, build a variety of products with Chinese characteristics, such as cool white open, ginger Coke, green tea, etc.

In 2017, in 2019, “cool water” continued in three consecutive years of Tmall domestic perfume first. I have always been “cool soil” is the hot product of the smell library, and the highest monthly sales in 18 years have reached 400,000 products. The annual sales exceeds 1 million products.

Last year, under the impact of the epidemic, the international big perfume business, including Estee Lauder, has experienced the performance of Waterloo.

However, the domestic brand Ice Li is protruded, and the sales of the sales in the whole year last year were stabilized in front of the cat.

Icing Hui Li was founded in Shanghai in 2010 in 2010. It combines French perfume crafts with the perfect fragrance suitable for Chinese, so that the perfume is no longer just luxury.

Ice Zi Tmall store occupied TOP1 for 5 consecutive months from January to 2020, 2020, and 5 months occupying TOP2, ranking TOP4 in August 2020 and November 2020. TOP3.

Will the “Smell Economy” will be a tasty after the beauty makeup?

Perfume market scale

02, interpret the smell password, insight into the consumer group

Min Min is a senior perfume enthusiast. The Lancome dreams received when college have become incense. Since then, there is a persistent persistence of conventional people.

In the past few years, she spent a lot of time and money on the perfume, collecting 300+ bottles of perfume.

Minmin revealed that although she is more than the red-backed thousands of bottles, it is also a milestone on the way.

Including the sample, she spent more than ten thousand, exaggerated, I can pay a down payment in the third four-tier cities.

When do we ask to buy so many fragrance values?

She replied: “For usual people, perfume is daily necessities, and the cosmetics is different. It can even be a kind of flower. But in our eyes, these perfumes are life, each perfume has a unique fragrance, Just like a person. “

Senior enthusiasts are the most typical consumer groups. This group of consumers will spend a lot of time to study. They discuss every smell in the circle, explore the history of perfume, some people even bottle control.

In addition to senior enthusiasts, the consumer type in perfume is also included:

Active taste and cautious followers.

Most of the active task is the Z generation consumers, most is the student or the workplace of the first time.


The active taste is prejugged to “unique brands”, “the unique brand”, the purpose is to highlight the unique, expressing self.

This group of consumers trust small red books / microblogging / B stations such as social platforms to get perfume information.

Cautious followers are mainly from the second and third lines, prejugged to the fragrance, and express the self-style, the perfume acceptance of 200-400 yuan is high.

Cautious followers before buying perfume, preference online purchase trial dress, find the right product to the counter or brand official store, of course, unattended incense machine.

With the rise of short video live goods, cautious followers will purchase it after seeing the breeding of trust KOL.

Perfume has penetrated into various consumer scenarios, such as “Yue Su”, gift, etc.

Perfume is more like a social name card in the heart of the young consumer, and when he smells the familiar fragrance of the other party, it will feel that it is the same class.

It is expected that 90% of perfume consumption is self-integrated, and the gift scene is mainly concentrated in holidays, such as Valentine’s Day.

Perfume will have a certain increase in growth in August and November, the main reason is that Qixi Festival (July 7, July 7) in August, during the festival and e-commerce promotion period will stimulate consumers to purchase.

In August and November of 2020, the perfumes have completed Tmall 1 billion + and 1.1 billion + sales.

Ice Li

03, with social marketing, seize the opportunity

The excavation flow is the core competitiveness of the new brand growth in recent years. Where is the traffic, where is the brand?

Ice Si Li is the perfume brand on the line. Since 2010, since the founding of 2010, the deep tillage platform has now reached 1.53 million.

Ice Li is mainly Taobao live, shake and microblogging promotion, and the small red book and WeChat public account are small.

In the second half of 2020, it has focused on building a “Maximu Women’s Perfume”.

In August, it began to increase the delivery of Taobao, the number of visitors reached the highest value of nearly half a year, mainly in the form of intervention in the form of a customer unit, attracting the user’s deal.

Then through the vigorous promotion of the single product search task, the product star endorsement and live publicity are paved.

In September, the new generation singer Wu Xuanyi is the first brand spokesperson, and the fans drainage will expand the influence of the young consumer population.

Finally, in October 2020, in Vaia live, full detonation, harvesting orders.


In addition, Scentooze, established in 2019, received millions of pre-A round finance last August last year. It has become a well-deserved “explosive” by 13 SKUs.

SCENTOOZE product is positioned as “95 post-gantry girl’s exclusive body”, and the products have special tastes of pearl milk tea, grandparents’ attic.

Product design uses a special “Egg” shape, in the pre-sale test link, only one renderings are sold for 150,000 sales.

Since the Chinese have no functional demand for perfume, pay more attention to the spiritual pleasure, therefore need to establish an emotional connection in culture and content.

Perfume is part of memory, SCENTOOZE as “scene” as a consumer communication medium with 95.

For example, see the name of “Grand Family”, you will have a picture in your mind, a scene, giving people unlimited imagination.

We also found that the smell library has a lot of content accumulation in small red books, Weibo, shake, and fast hands and other social platforms.

The founder of the odor library believes that the core is the core is content and users, where is the user, where to plant grass.

Earlier, insight into the dividend of the shake and shake Blue V, while the blue V content output can communicate with consumers, and the demand is created.

The smell library has its own unique KOL launch logic: pay attention to the content, refused to be high; multi-wheel KOL screening: KOL To truly recognize the smell library, and like it; will make the abstract perfume concept; KOL according to fans Types Content conversion, express brand content. Treat Kol: Kol and Star like a star, the most precious time, the odor library is willing to spend time to let these KOL understand the brand and products.

The odor library is commissioned by small investment in a large-output strategy, in order to improve the consumer experience, it is also experienced in the layout line.

04, offline immersion experience, play new pattern

Last year, many international big names experienced shops in China, boutique, in order to give consumers more ultimate immersive experience.

In June 2020, Saint Roland SYL opened the world’s first perfume theme flagship store in Shanghai, and the store offers full-class perfume, including exclusive global limited high-definition perfume products.

At the same time, the flagship store has the world’s first 360-degree smart inquiry machine, as long as the customer is approaching, it will automatically spray the latest perfume.

Many domestic brands are also launching offline channels, such as odor libraries and RE CLASSIFIED tunnel.

RE Classified

Re Classified Tunner House is born in Shanghai, is the first original perfume brand that proposes the “light Salon” concept, which is committed to popularizing salon perfume to every corner of China.

Different from traditional domestic products, there is no way to use social media marketing, and put a lot of KOL, etc., but from packaging design, store renovation, product research and development, and enhance product and brand communication.

RE Line off the store is the focus of sales, concentrate high-end shopping malls, sales accounting for more than 90%.

Each store will be equipped with zixing platform, and consumers can self-cultivation, consumers can prepare their own fragrance while enjoying the fun of fragrance, 2018 National Store has broken hundred.

Every fragrance of RE has a story, which is good at telling the story is the characteristics of RE.

For example, there is a “Apollo’s smile” to pass the “light” or “brilliant” feeling to consumers.

In the “Ancient Greek Classical Myth”, I mentioned that Apollo is one of the twelve main gods in ancient Greek myth, also known as the sun, Wang Zeus and Queen Herram, and the performance in poetry and art. God of youth and music.

RE This perfume also passes a beautiful love story:

Girls Clee Africa Eyeng Yun’s Apollo, unfortunately Apollo doesn’t love her.


The sad Cleeian Day is filled with dew, with tears and tea, I hope Apollo loves her.

After nine-day nine nights, the Kleisian feet turned into roots, and the thin jade became branches, and the pale small face became flowers.

Even if the face has changed, the heart will never change, the face is always looking up at the sun, Apollo carries the sun to the sun, and her eyes will follow.

This “infatuation flower” is today’s sunflower, which is the origin of the flower “love”.

RE also held some lines of salon perfume DIY and fragrance activities, customers can call up a unique personality salon in the guidance of professional tuning, and play new patterns in the smell.

“Everyone uses incense, in addition to learning more about fragrance, emphasizing the aroma related to life philosophy, and also spends the entire product model and service concept” RE person in charge. “

Only for users to participate in the user experience, they can constantly improve the user experience.

Coco Chanel said that women who don’t have to be perfume are not in the future, and the perfume is already a symbol of contemporary life.

To do a good sense of olfactory, the brand needs to be graced, regardless of SCENTOOZE, the exclusive body of the 95-year-old girl “, or the same focus like the RE Classified tuning room, it is necessary to integrate the product and scene.

With all types of channels, the tools tell the product story to obtain consumer mind.

In the current trend, only the perfumes who have created the taste of the Chinese are king.