This summer, suddenly becomes “white flat shoes”, comfortable, wild and significantly higher for the little man

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High heels make women really love to hate, not only to display their rush to work on the road is not open, but all kinds of foot wear, practicing a little thick legs, the deal is off.


As summer essential fashion items, comfortable flat shoes is naturally the most favored by the girls.


Do not worry off the high heels, can not be a better show tall and curves. Want to wear flat shoes, beautiful and fashionable dress with the most important! Take a look at how fashionable goblins are with the demonstration of it!

Daddy Shoes

Flats want to wear clothing with good body proportions, with short skirts or shorts is the most sensible choice, the shorter the downloading, the more it can expose more leg, visually it will look higher pick.

Choose a pair of shoes Daddy, what with any casual basic models have enough suction eye. If you think the highlight is not enough, you can also with a pair of light-colored socks, absolutely full of retro, where are all with a surge of youth and vitality.


High waist shorts is easy to give a feeling of legs. Coupled with the blessing heavy-bottomed shoes Daddy, can bring the visual effect of the extension of the legs.

Translucent shirt, casual pants stuffed into the half, lazy feminine,


Feet, take one pair of shoes father, the effect is still not lose big high-heeled it ~

Mary Jane shoes


A second half, all kinds of holidays, went to the wedding season of the year, we went to the wedding are certainly holding amazing people but can not grab the bride limelight idea to Tiaoyi Fu.


And this time choose a pale yellow dress, bubble design cuff reveal heart full of girls, with a pair of old-style Mary Jane shoes make you look compelling but not too stressed.

Thick shoe

Skirts for girls extraordinary significance, must not be more than ordinary clothes, which are among the most elegant dress, also synonymous with temperament. + Dress composition platform shoes, fashionable most significantly higher, not only


Good will show up casual and comfortable, very casual in line with cozy mood.

Such modeling more extreme platform shoes, shoe try to choose a simple and low-key, simple upper design because your feet will not produce unwanted visual burden.


Below-knee boots

The so-called “below-knee boots”, that is, between the knee length boots and calf, is not as sexy jackboot pressing, ankle boots and no less capable, more valiant casual, no wonder shoot photographed in the street high up.

In fact, below-knee boots difficult to control at first glance, in fact, loose boots, just to cover up stout legs, thick legs for little sisters are very friendly. In particular pair of white knee boots, it is consistent hot summer, not only lining the skin white, very clean and fresh.

Lefu shoes

For the nine to five office workers toward it, practicality and comfort is more important than fashion, especially when you are early to catch a crowded subway, but also to cope with various meetings and to go out to see clients and other leg muscles activity, high heels make you exhausted.

Take a look at this group with it, very simple and capable of tailoring suits suit, which take a ride in the same color of knitting, feet then take a pair of white loafers, the whole LOOK looks full of intellectual and professional, but also the success of the liberation of the feet of it!



Slippers street shooting in the past few years more and more common in the future as more and more idol, bloggers have to wear slippers, this summer, this wave of “slippers wind” blowing regarded as coming!

A vintage floral dress with high heels more than capable, with a wide foot slippers make the overall avoid “top-heavy.” White slippers can brighten the whole mix, a little vamp thickness, so the pace is not so thin, square head even more personality.

Want more beautiful skills, wearing clothes sharing, don’t forget “pay attention”! If you have confusion, you can privately, welcome to leave a message, let us become beautiful!

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