The French favorite 10 champagne brands, they are drunk.

Champagne, the pride of the French, the darling of the world, it is a symbol of joy, romance, luxury, and elegant.

Which is the world’s largest champagne consumer? Of course it is France!

In fact, the sales of champagne in France accounted for half of the total sales. The born romantic French, dating, kneels, celebrations, and even thirst, there are fewer champagne with flying golden bubbles, exudes fragrant fragrance.

So what are the French favorite champagne? In this regard, French famous wine magazine “Rayon Boissons” specialized in investigations, found in France, the largest sales, the most popular champagne brand is actually …

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法国人最喜欢的 10 大香槟品牌,他们喝得最多的竟是

Li Song Fiya Champagne

Li Song Phi Nicolas Feuillatte has only a short history of 30 years, which is very young in the world of champagne, but its growth is very fast and excellent, and now it has become the world’s most popular 5 champagne. First, it is also the best-selling champagne in France.

Li Ge Feiya Pena Restaurant is located in Epel Nay (Epernay) in 1976. It was established in 1976. Nikola was born in Paris, France, but living in the United States a long time. He is a famous coffee bean dealer in the United States, which is mixed in the upper class, and the President of Kennedi is his golf friend. With his auroraity, Li Ge Feiya can quickly open the market in the upper society in the United States (the United States is the largest exporter of champagne) and has achieved a high reputation.

Of course, it can be a best-selling champagne brand in France, and its own quality is very hard. Li Song Phiya is elegant, alcoholic, liquid level is lunar, and the bubble is meticulous, uniform, mature and fertilizers, and the entrance is thick. In addition, it is famous for high cost performance.

法国人最喜欢的 10 大香槟品牌,他们喝得最多的竟是

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Afred Champagne

Alfred Rothschild is a brand of Lancon-BCC.岚 国 国 是 is the second largest champagne group in France. It was combined by Chanoine Freres and Champenoise Des Grands Vins in 1991. In 1994, the Boizel Chanoine Group was established. After 20 years, the other 5 brands have been acquired, 2010 Officially renamed LANCON-BCC. Compared to LVHM, the brand of 颂 has different, including international famous names, Champagne, PHILIPPONNAT, and Chanoine, medium and low-end.

Afred is the champagne produced in the town of Epiel Nai, including basic dry champagne, super collection, Epernay Burt, Epel Nai Epernay Reserve, Eper Grande Reserve, etc. However, this brand is basically not seen in the Chinese market.

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Canner – Duxian Champagne

Founded in 1868, CHAMPAGNE CANARD-DUCHENE was founded in pure, fruit fragrant, rich and fragrant, and the rich and fragrant champagne was a well-known champagne brand. Different with most Champagne in the city of REIMS or Epel Nay, it is located in Lutes, Lutes, Lans.

Since the champagne produced is highly respected, the right to wear royal badges is also awarded to wear the crown of the Royal Crown, which is still a symbol of the Russian royal family. Kana-Duxian Champagne currently launched a total of 3 series of wine in Charles VII (Charles VII), AUTHENTIC, and Leonie. Among them, Himerz’s seven-havens, and elegant and delicate, fully reflects the characteristics of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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Mum champagne

Mum Champagne (Ghmumm) is known from its iconic red belt, and is known for its appearance on the first-class equation to receive a podium, and the winery is associated with the international big name Paris. Lesheng Ricard Champagne. The winerunity was founded in 1761, history is very long. In addition, the extremely visionary winemakers O’Rocel acquire grapes from the chest of Cramant, Ay (AY), Verzenay and Bouzy.

Mamn Champagne has now launched 6 champagne, in which Blanc de Blancs de Cramant, the Blanc de Noirs de Verzenay 2 Collection of Champagne is a great pioneering in the winery. Kara Mani is 100% Xia Dui, which will adjust the taste according to different markets; Wellz Nahi is 100% black Pieno, and the historic Clarish white has formed a distinct contrast. .

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Louis Martin Champagne

Louis Martin Champagne (Paul Louis Martin Champagne) is located in Buzs Village, Lanshan, which is a Grand CRU. It is the highest level of champagne. Founded in 1864, the winery was founded by the founder and Chairman of the Champagne Cooperative of Buse Village (Mr Louis Martin). Tiger father has no dogs, the second generation of the winery, Paul Louis Martin, is also the character of Bust Village, which is one of the best wine in the Barz Village. Now, the winery is affiliated to the Martell Champagne Group (G.h. Martel), which is the largest family wine company in Champagne, is also the 5th Big Champagne Group in the world. It has 8 brands, with an annual output of more than 1.0 million bottles!

Louis Martin Champagne Winery currently produces a total of 10 cuvee vincents, and a total of 10 champagnes. Among them, the high-end is a special grade, the year and special champagne, and the champagne of the special grade garden is produced by 100% Black Pino. The special champagne is 100% Xia Duo, and the year champagne is only in a good year.

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Martellian champagne

法国人最喜欢的 10 大香槟品牌,他们喝得最多的竟是

Martellian Martel and the famous Cognac brand “Martel” has the same name, high quality 2 brands, sing the name of “Martell” to the entire France. Martellian champagne also belongs to Martell Champagne Group, operated by Rapeneau. It is worth mentioning that because the Cognac brand “Martell” has long been registered overseas, Martellian champagne is exported to abroad, and can only be called a triumph champagne (Victoire).

法国人最喜欢的 10 大香槟品牌,他们喝得最多的竟是

Martell Champagne Brand was built in 1869. The produced wine is stored in the white wine cellar in the 22-meter deep in Lans City. This alleged wine cellar is open to tourists. The brand produced by the brand includes the basis of white, black, pink, year, level, and semi-dry champagne.

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Edsick Champagne

法国人最喜欢的 10 大香槟品牌,他们喝得最多的竟是

Vranken-Pommery Monopole, referred to as VRANKEN-Pommery Monopole, referred to as the Porsche Phase Champagne Group is not up and down, and it is the world’s second largest champagne group, with more than 20 million bottles per year. There are 4 brands, including famous Berry Champagne (Pommery) and Vranken, Heidsick Monopole and Charles Lafitte.

In 1785, Edisker was built in the end of the 19th century, he became a leading brand of champagne in the late 19th century. It sold 950,000 bottles in the UK, and Russia sold 400,000 bottles. There is only 2 wine in Edisk Champagne, a Blue Top Brut, and the other is Cuvee ImperaTrice.

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法国人最喜欢的 10 大香槟品牌,他们喝得最多的竟是

Castelan champagne

De Castellane is a subsidiary of Laurent-Perrier Group. Founded in 1912, Luo Lan Baiyue Group has a total of 4 champagne brands, 1200 fruit farmers supply grapes, 65% of champagne export to 120 countries. Of course, we are more familiar with its top brands – Laurent-Perrier, the winerier was established in 1812, and when the Roland Baiyue Group was established in 1912, its output has flipped 100 Double!

法国人最喜欢的 10 大香槟品牌,他们喝得最多的竟是

The Castelan Champagne is built in 1895 and joined the Roland Baiyue Group in 1999. The winery currently produces 4 wine, including dry champagne, pink champagne, annual champagne and semi-dry champagne. It is particularly that there is a traditional brewing technology museum in the winery, as well as a tower overlooking the Mane Valley.

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法国人最喜欢的 10 大香槟品牌,他们喝得最多的竟是

Mesie champagne

法国人最喜欢的 10 大香槟品牌,他们喝得最多的竟是

Messie Mercura Winery (Champagne Mercier) belongs to Lvhm, France. LVHM is a leader in the champagne group, whether it is quantity or value to make the other groups and wineries. It has several champagne top brands, including Moet & Chaton, Dom Perign, and Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin. Of course, different brands have different positioning, like Messier, which belongs to the price.

Messi has the largest underground wine cellar in Champagne, this wine cellar has a giant barrel of 213,000 bottles of wine, and the barrel is engraved with a beautiful relief. Although this winery is large, the quality is excellent, it is very popular among consumers, so the annual output is gradually increasing!

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Santa An Champagne is a low-end brand of 岚 颂 International. The winery was founded in 1730 and it is the first winery that Epel Nai is approved to excavate the underground wine cellar. The classic wine of the winery is the bottle of Chanoine Freres Cuvee and Salina Tsarine Cuvee, which is special, spiral. In 2015, the World Fashion Model Adriana Karembeu has cooperated with the winery to launch the “Tsarine By Adriana” champagne.


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