Do you know what are the common areas of application for atmospheric atmospheric pressure plasma cleaners?

  1. Plastic surface treatment: the use of plasma cleaning machine on polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), poly gas vinyl (PVC) and other plastics for surface activation modification, can meet the spray code, bonding and printing effect.
  2. Glass surface treatment: fine cleaning by plasma to remove surface agricultural system substances, inorganic substances and dust impurities, de-static, improve the surface performance, which is usually the pre-step of anti-fingerprint coating.
  3. Rubber surface treatment: the use of low-temperature plasma for surface treatment of rubber, easy to operate, no harmful substances generated before and after treatment, good treatment effect, high efficiency and low operating costs.
  4. Automotive parts cleaning: In the process of automotive sealing strip processing, filling the gap of body parts can also play a role in vibration damping, heat insulation and heat preservation. Applied to the automotive lamp process, used in conjunction with cold glue, it can obtain a good value for money gluing effect. It improves the reliability and stability of automotive bumper painting and greatly reduces the bad spraying rate. Product Recommendation: plasma treater supplier

The mechanism of plasma cleaning relies on the “activation” of active particles in the plasma to remove surface stains. In terms of the reaction mechanism, plasma cleaning usually involves the following processes: inorganic gases are excited into a plasma state; gas phase substances are adsorbed on the solid surface; the adsorbed groups react with the solid surface molecules to produce product molecules; the product molecules are resolved to form a gas phase; and the reaction residues are removed from the surface.

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