What is the best choice of sealant for broken aluminium windows?

Nowadays, there are more and more people who choose to buy windows, but we tend to pay attention to the price while easily neglecting to list some auxiliary materials, such as the sealing tape of the windows, which directly affects the sealing effect and service life of the windows.

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The poor quality of the bridge aluminum tape has a pungent smell, tape roll, time will be shortened, directly failed to achieve the sealing effect, the current market general bridge aluminum manufacturers are using EPDM tape, because this tape is a little better than the poor quality tape, but also a little worse than TPE tape, EPDM tape gloss is not very good, and in the sun will have a little taste.

The quality of the aluminum window tape for TPE tape, its market price than EPDM tape per kilogram expensive double, environmentally friendly non-toxic TPE tape, so that consumers are more at ease, TPE material does not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, antimony and other heavy metals, does not contain toxic plasticizer phthalate.

There are several types of adhesive strips for windows on the market.

  1. Modified PVC adhesive strips
    The price is relatively low, due to the varying quality, the price is generally between 6000 yuan 15000 yuan / ton. Low-end products due to the use of scrap, plasticizers and high filler, to make the strip poor elasticity, easy to harden, pungent smell, easy to migrate the frame material yellowing, short life. A small number of doors and windows enterprises in the low-level price competition is still in use.

As PVC products contain halogen, stabilizers contain heavy metals, so it is not conducive to environmental protection, so foreign developed countries and domestic Beijing and coastal cities have been eliminated or limit the use of PVC tape.

  1. Vulcanised EPDM rubber sealing strips
    In terms of sealing elasticity and durability than the PVC strip There is a great strengthening, but because of the need for microwave vulcanization line stereotypes, processing energy consumption is high, usually more than 20 times the PVC processing, the product can not be reused, not environmentally friendly, not the national advocacy products. In addition, these products material specific gravity (1.4 above) and PVC class equivalent (low-end vulcanized EPDM tape proportion is greater) out of the window rate and PVC tape almost.
  2. thermoplastic elastomer TPE seals
    TPE elastomer sealing strip is a new material developed in recent years on the basis of independent research and development, mainly for automotive door and window sealing strip, in recent years began to be used for building door and window sealing strip. Its outstanding advantages are.
    ①Energy and service life is comparable to that of vulcanised EPDM rubber sealing strips.

②Low energy consumption in processing compared to vulcanised EPDM rubber strips

③No heavy metals such as halogen and lead, plus it can be recycled after several years, which meets the requirements of green building materials.