Motorbike top speed

The maximum speed of motorbikes is 180KM/H.

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  1. The minimum speed of a motor vehicle shall not be less than fifty kilometres per hour when it is travelling normally on a motorway. The maximum speed shall not be higher than 110km/h for small buses and 90km/h for large buses, freight cars and motorbikes. However, when there are speed limit signs or speed limit road markings that indicate a speed different from the above, the provisions of the signs or markings shall be observed.
  2. The speed is determined by the road conditions. 40-60 is the economic speed, which is safe and fuel-efficient and causes little wear and tear on the vehicle. 80-120 can be reached on motorbikes and 300 on racing motorbikes.
  3. The maximum speed under normal conditions is 50KM for two-wheeled and side-three-wheeled motorbikes on city streets, 60KM for roads, 40KM and 50KM for positive three-wheeled respectively, and 30KM for mopeds. The speed under special circumstances is 20KM or less in the following cases: through hutongs, railway junctions, sharp turns, etc., when turning around, when descending steep slopes, when the weather is bad, when entering or leaving non-motorised roads, and When the road condition is poor.