What aspects of a good mouse pad need to be considered? Tong Ya mouse pad manufacturers to share with you

What aspects of a good mouse pad need to be considered? Tong Ya mouse pad manufacturer shares five aspects for you.


The start-up of the mouse pad is the rapid acceleration performance of the mouse on the mouse pad, in the LOL game sharp turn action and this performance is closely related.

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The start-up of the mouse pad is divided into two parts, the first is to overcome the static friction between the mouse foot and the mouse pad, the mouse from static friction state to dynamic friction state, this process is generally the most astringent time of the mouse pad, need a relatively large force to be able to turn the mouse from static friction to dynamic friction. The second stage is the continuous acceleration of the mouse, some mouse pads will increase with the speed of the mouse, the friction force is also increasing. These two stages together determine the activation of the mouse pad.

The activation and mouse pad surface material and weaving process has a lot to do with, so there are coarse cloth surface and fine cloth surface. Generally speaking, the same surface material and the same surface problems of the mouse pad, in the start sex not too big difference.

  1. smoothness

Smoothness can also be thought of as the smoothness of the mouse pad, the higher the smoothness, the smoother the standard pad. But this smoothness is not the higher the better, generally smoothness of the upgrade are accompanied by stopping the decline in sex, that is, the more difficult to accurately control the mouse.

Generally speaking, the smoothness of a resin pad > coated woven fabric pad > coarse woven fabric pad > smooth woven fabric pad. The same surface finish provides a similar smooth experience.

A more interesting example: the Thunderbird Heavy Duty Beetle. There are two versions of the Heavy Duty Beetle, the Control and the Speed, which are literally smoother than the Speed, but in reality the Control is smoother with a rougher finish. This is a result of the surface process, as the rough weave surface results in less contact area between the mouse foot and the mouse pad, which in turn results in more smoothness.

So when choosing a mouse, the weave and the coating material are often the factors that determine the smoothness of the mouse pad. And your skin touch is often not accurate.

  1. Braking

Braking is relative to the start of the sex, is the mouse from the slide to standstill process. In other words, is the mouse of the degree of astringency, the higher the degree of astringency of the mouse pad braking the better.

In gaming, high DPI parties and handicapped parties are better suited to using astringent pads. The more astringent the pad, the better it is for small movements and the less it reacts to shaky hands.

Astringent pads generally have two characteristics: a fine surface and a thicker layer of padding. With a fine surface and thicker padding, the resistance to movement is relatively high, but it is easier to develop muscle memory. It is more friendly to novices.

  1. Permeability

Generally speaking, the advantage of thicker pads is that they achieve a higher level of flatness on tables with uneven surfaces. And many people are used to thick pads because thick pads are more comfortable, you can put the mouse pad to a more comfortable height, or in the game lost when the mouse will not be a time to drop the mouse to scrap.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility can be thought of as the ability to curl the mouse, but a mouse pad can be curled does not mean that it can be folded! Soft mouse pad will have – certain curl ability, but if the mouse pad, it will be very easy to damage the mouse pad surface coating and weaving process, resulting in irreversible damage or surface creases, so no matter what mouse pad are to try to avoid bending.

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