What materials are available for mouse pads? How do I care for them?

And then good mouse can not be used without the mouse pad, a good mouse pad can better play the function of the mouse, choose a suitable for their own mouse pad feel will also improve a lot, the operation can be more comfortable and smooth. And the market mouse pad a variety of brands, we often do not know how to choose, even after buying back maintenance is also a problem, today we will talk about the classification of the mouse pad and maintenance.

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Mouse pad material

Plastic material

Plastic mouse pad can be said to be in addition to the cloth mouse pad outside the most used one, is a lot of shooting class players preferred one of the mouse pad material. Plastic mouse pad is relatively inexpensive, but can provide players with glass and metal mouse pad to experience the smooth, and in the stability and precision positioning and cloth mouse the same, and easy to clean.

The disadvantage of the plastic mouse pad is also very obvious, is not wear-resistant, especially in the shooting class and other games that need to move the mouse significantly on the performance is very obvious, plastic mouse pad wear, in the smoothness stability and precision positioning will be with the wear degree of different decline. Although the price is as low as the cloth mouse pad, but for the game experience needs to be replaced regularly.


The metal mouse pad is mainly made of aluminium, after all, other metal material is not suitable for everyone to use. Metal mouse pad feel smoother, move very smoothly, friction sound is also relatively small. But because of the weight and metal characteristics, the mouse pad is not convenient to carry, and the price is high, not suitable for the general public.

Glass material

The glass mouse pad is more rare, the market is very few manufacturers, so it is also difficult to see. Glass mouse pad in the performance and metal mouse pad is more like, smoothness is good, but not very convenient to carry, and easy to break, the price is not cheap.


Synthetic material is mainly in the plastic surface coated with a special material to make, special coating to make the mouse pad smooth, so the feel is also better. At present the synthetic material mouse pad price than other material mouse pad to expensive, although wear-resistant effect is not good, but its feel and positioning performance is more excellent.

Cloth mouse pad

Cloth mouse pad is currently the most widely used mouse pad, is also the current market mainstream mouse pad. Cloth pad is mainly divided into traditional cloth pad and coated cloth pad two kinds, as the largest crowd of mouse pads, cloth pad for the crowd is very much, because of the low cost, cheap price. The cloth pad is also divided into two kinds of coarse surface and fine surface, two in the use of the feeling is also different, coarse surface in the sense of manipulation is good, fine surface in the movement speed performance is better. The cloth pad is also more durable and cheaper, but once the damage is done, it will very much affect the experience of use, appear around the open edge, rolled up.

After talking about the mouse pad types, then in the end how to choose the right mouse pad for yourself? We can be divided according to the use of demand, mainly divided into daily office, MOBA class games, FPS class games and other three categories. Daily office and MOBA class game use will not produce a large area of sliding operation, the mouse precision is not too much requirement, so in the purchase of the choice of coarse and fine coating of the preparation of cloth pad can; and FPS class game players on the precision of the mouse requirements are high, often need to carry out a large range of mobile operation, so the precision and smoothness has certain requirements, so for FPS class players recommended to choose synthetic material mouse pad.

The mouse pad maintenance method

Mouse pad relative to the mouse keyboard and other peripherals, life is very short, so the mouse pad is considered consumable, life is generally between 1-2 years. Different materials of the mouse pad, cleaning methods are different, the following to give you a brief description of the mouse pad maintenance methods.

Metal pad/glass pad

Metal pad and glass pad are relatively hard material, so the mouse pad than the cloth pad has + absolute advantage, is either water or dust have no way to enter the mouse pad inside, only need to manage the surface can, cleaning up is relatively simple, direct water or wipe clean with a wet towel on it.

Synthetic material mouse pad resin hard mouse pad

This kind of mouse pad is the player use more one, can move quickly, precise control, smoothness is very high, manipulation is very stable. Mouse pad cleaning method is also very simple, if very dirty, you can directly rinse with water, and then put in the shade to dry naturally, to avoid exposure to the sun.

Cloth pad

Cloth pad is the most difficult to clean a mouse pad, because not only to clean the surface of the mouse pad, but also pay attention to the bottom of the mouse pad clean, and if there are drinks spilled on the mouse pad, also need to clean the inside of the mouse pad. Cloth mouse pad is actually not difficult to clean, first the mouse pad in water soaked for a while, wipe on the cleaning agent, and then soft bristles of the old toothbrush gently brush the mouse pad, and finally in the shade to dry. In the cleaning time we also want to pay attention to, try not to use a relatively hard brush brush, avoid machine washing, hard rub wring and other violent cleaning methods, after cleaning remember not directly in the sun, natural dry on.

The above is the mouse pad material and maintenance method of sharing, I believe that after reading the mouse pad on the market also has a certain understanding, in the choice to buy, we must according to their own use of the requirements of the choice of goods, and finally wish you all can buy a mouse pad suitable for their own.